A little check-in and hello!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are well and managing to cope ok with what’s going on all around us at the moment, I can’t NOT address it and acknowledge before carrying on with beauty/makeup and everything-in-between posts. It just feels a little short-sighted.

I’m avoiding twitter for the most part as I’m finding it a little overwhelming and triggering. I’m keeping on top of everything and the news from proper new outlets and government announcements. I think it’s important to keep educated and aware of the true facts, and perhaps not get too deep into the Facebook conspiracies and ‘hear say’, and it’s also nice to focus on other things to keep us going and keep spirits up amongst the communities.

We are all ok at the moment, trying to reach out to our more elderly and vulnerable friends and community and we are and have been practising social distancing for a couple of weeks already. We have most of what we need for more time-at-home and I’ve batched cooked like a pro this week! 

On here, I’ll still be posting as much as I can over the coming weeks and months, it may take a little swerve in content as to be sensitive to the times…..so still some cool reviews, makeup looks with a little bit of escapism, musings, lifestyle, home life and self care.

If you aren’t following my on Instagram then please do if you may be interested in daily (light-hearted) stories, makeup tips, my daily going’s on, Herman & Hilda and some distraction. I’ll be doing some more tutorial and IGTV’s over there atm and helping everyone I can with any makeup, skincare, blogging and anything-else-I-can-advice! Please come over and ask for any specific requests, I’d be more than happy to try and help.

 x Stay safe x