Dipping my toe into… IT Cosmetics.

We all have heard of THAT CC cream by now, which has graced instagram feeds far & wide, but IT cosmetics do a wealth of other fabulous beauty that is easier more than ever to discover since it’s launch into the UK market.

I first got introduced to this brand when I was in Boston last year and it was everywhere I turned in Sephora. The packaging really caught my eye and I am always so intrigued by makeup brands that I haven’t heard of / aren’t in the UK. I still have not tried it *enough* to be a full-on IT Cosmetics addict, but I am slowly dipping my toe in and trying out some of the key products (which I got sent in this cute little bag) so I can then indulge in more of the products that end up working for me : so far….everything.

The CC+ Cream SPF50 is annoyingly as good as everyone says it is : a beautiful second-skin feel and look that is just perfect for day-to-day when you want that ‘I’m-wearing-no-makeup-but-have-you-seen-how-dewy-and-gorgeous-I-am-PS-I-am-wearing-makeup’ kinda vibe. The prices are actually better than I thought and around the same prices I would expect to pay for a more high end brand (£30 for the CC / £19 for mascara) and I’m looking forward to treating ma’self to some full sizes very soon.

Products worth a try : The CC+ Cream SPF50, BB undereye concealer, Brow Power pencil, superhero mascara and their ‘Bye Bye Redness correcting cream’ is supposed to also be a big hit with the beauty editors.

You can get your IT fix by visiting their website, and it’s also available online at QVC & Selfridges.