Proactiv+ Check-in & Pamper Day Out*.

If you haven’t managed to catch up on my previous posts (you can find them here & here), I am in the middle of an ongoing collaboration with skincare brand Proactiv+ where I am using a regime of core products, recommend to me by their UK dermatologist, Dr Laura Savage.

I have been using the Proactiv+ products within my routine for a couple of months now, and was invited down to glam bar Duck & Dry in central London for a lovely pamper session and a check-in with the dermatologist, Laura to see how I was getting on. There are a few of us blogging ladies going on this Proactiv+ journey, and I met up with the lovely Helen beforehand to have a bit of lunch and pre-pamper gossip. It’s nice to able to chat with the other girls about how we are getting on and I really feel part of a little skincare community.

After a quick (& glittery) manicure & polish, and in between a blow dry, I had a one-on-one consultation with Laura, where I reported any feedback and/or concerns. She recommended some extra products and we also topped up on the key products that I have been using to see me through including the 3-step system. I was really excited to get the Cleansing Body Bar as I have just joined the gym (eek I know) and this is PERFECT for my post-workout body cleanse to keep the sweat bacteria at bay ; I used to get terrible chest and back breakouts.

There are a few key products that supplement the core 3-step system from Proactiv+ that have become firm favourites including the Skin Purifying Mask, the Repairing Concealer and the Mark Fading Pads. I can definitely see positive improvements in my skin, particularly in the clarity and brightness, therefore I am getting away with tinted moisturiser instead of heavy foundation A LOT more! For some reason I had it in my mind that it would be very harsh and drying but Proactiv+ UK use a COMPLETELY different (and more gentle) formula than in the U.S.

I can’t wait to show you the before / after photos to reveal how my skin has changed over the months: I can already see an improvement in my breakouts, blackheads and general scarring/ pigmentation I had from my problematic teenage skin. In the meantime I will enjoy my spangly, glittery nails!

*This is a sponsored post