#2 Makeup Crush Monday | Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner.

The second instalment in my new series of #MakeupCrushMonday introduces the Makeup Revolution Awesome Double flick liner. This was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and I really love using it. It is a double-ended pen with a more typical pointed (thick to thin) liner on one end and then a slightly thinner, straighter nib on the other.

 The application is easy, I have been using the thinner end on top of my lash line to get precision and a natural line, and then the thicker end, I find really easy to get a sharp, point feline flick. I know some people may find the other way around easier but it’s just finding out what works for you.

It’s a nice deep black and stays on well enough to see me through the day. It isn’t waterproof, maybe smudge proof, but it is great for day-to-day. It costs just £3.50 which is a fab price and there aren’t many liquid liners which are cheaper than this.

EYELINER TIP: Follow where the lower lash line would go up to get that perfect lift and shape for your eyeliner – a lot of people draw across the top lash line and kind of follow this line down, this will create a droopy-eye look. I personally draw the line across the top, then follow an *imaginary invisible line* where I think my lower lash line would go up : Give it a try! It will usually aim towards the end of your brow.