AD The Cosy Vibes Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Celtic and Co Sheepskin slippers This post is in collaboration with Celtic & Co.

I think this has been my favourite Christmas gift guide to put together because I am such a home bird at the moment and the nights in, cosying under a blanket and just focusing on self-care is so very important to me. I am very much looking forward to putting my feet up this Christmas and just doing…..nothing.

Here is a cosy collection of gifting products that are perfect for those friends who like nothing better than to stay at home, kick back in front of the TV, immerse in an aromatic bubble bath and hibernate until the New Year.

Candles = a necessity for a relaxing vibe in your home. In the evening it can give a nice, soothing, low-level light and the scent you opt for can really help to uplift and enhance your mood. THE candle of the moment for me has to be The Botanical Candle Company ‘Christmas Eve’ (from £10). I have been raving about their candles since I discovred them just a few months ago, they are close to me in Dorset and they are some of the best candles ever and the scents are beautiful. I have gifted a few of my friends with the ‘Christmas Eve’ candle already and they have been very well received!

The Botanical Candle Company also do great home accessories and gift boxes so the candle, along with some matches and a pair of cosy alpaca wool socks, is the perfect gift  right there.

the botanical candle company the botanical candle company the botanical candle company christmas eve candle

alpaca socksbotanical soy wax candles

I seem to live in my ‘house coat’ (dressing gown) and shoes (slippers) at the moment and I am loving the Celtic & Co women’s sheepskin slippers (Bootee style £71)*. These are a really good alternative to UGG slippers if you have ever had your eyes on them ; this is a small, family-run, British brand that is based in Cornwall that uses British sheepskin that would otherwise be disposed of.

These are by-product of the farming/meat industry and the sheep ARE NOT bred solely for the use of these skins.  They are therefore really sustainable and has a low environmental impact. This was really important to me.

The quality of these slippers are amazing and they are perfect for someone who spends a lot of time at home / working from home and wants something a little longer-wearing and sturdier than your normal run-of-the-mill slipper. I’ve been through x4 cheap pairs of slippers in the past year and once you start adding up the cost, it’s more cost-effective to get something harder-wearing and I have got friends who have had these slippers for many years. They have a solid sole so you can nip out to the garden in them and they are super warm and cosy. They can even be washed with special wool wash!

Celtic & Co. do lots of beautiful slipper designs, for men, women and children and I am absolutely gutted I did not see these baby crawler shoes before Margot got too big. So cute!

sheepskin slippers celtic and co sheepskin slippers

Switching off TV can be good for the soul on occasion and finding other ways to lose our thoughts can be goof for the soul. A good podcast or book is an easy option and honestly, one of the most beautiful books I have discovered this year is Charlie Mackesy’s The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. Someone I follow mentioned this book on their instagram stories a month or so ago and then I started to follow the artist/author on Instagram and fell instantly in love with his beautiful illustrations. Within 3 days I had 2 copies of his book ; one for a friend and one for myself! 

A thoughtful book to curl up with and read, admire, smile and ponder over. 

I think this is a book that pretty much anyone can love and enjoy from young to old and it’s really a perfect Christmas gift for that someone who seems to have everything and is hard to buy for.

the boy the mole the fox and the horse

Sometimes the 11-step skincare regime can just take a back step and simplicity and aromatherapy can take over. I am a big fan of taking a bath to unwind and relax and as you may know, will always use the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower oil (£49).

I wince at the price of these now as I have been using them since they were £32 BUT I still think they are worth every penny. The only product I have continually replaced before running out for 10 years plus now. I also am such a great believer in the power of aromatherapy and for me it’s something I will invest it. Such a lovely and special gift as not a lot of people may want to be *this* indulgent on themselves.

As they are very pricey, I try and eek out my usage of the Aromatherapy Associates oils and a great and cheaper alternative is the Neal’s Yard Aromatic Bath Salts (£15.50) which are really beaut and still a really lovely and special gift. Sometimes I mix a little handful in with my AA oil or just on their own ; they are really aromatic and soothing. 

A really relaxing & easy mask and one I reach for when I am in need of comfort is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask* (£24.99) No messing about with exfoliators, cleansers, acids and different masks and products, this mask does a lot of things all-in-one and it’s good when you frankly just cannot be bothered. This is also a great gifting mask as it can literally be used and enjoyed on any skin type.

neals yard aromatic bath salts relaxing skincare

Just as you are settling / melting into the sofa for the evening a few easy beauty products that will help you to unwind are the Herbivore Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil (£42) paired with a jade roller (any will suffice). You can literally apply the oil and roll away as you watch TV / listen to your podcast or music and it acts like a relaxing facial massage. Last up, a nice, nourishing lip balm always goes down a treat and I seem to have one in at least every room in the house. A new discovery for me and actually one of THE BEST lip balms I have tried for a long old time is the L’Occitane Delicious Multi-balm* (£20). This is such a good winter lip balm as it’s really thick and instantly soothing and nourishing with no greasy feeling. Perfect as a little stocking filler.

Have you got your eye on any of these home comfort gifts? I would honestly recommend all or any of these, and with the evenings getting darker, and the nights getting colder, it’s a perfect time to indulge in all the cosiness, pampering and nurturing.

*Press samples