Jurlique Herbal Recovery Range & The New Advanced Moistursier

I have used Jurlique on and off for many years : *that* incredible Rosewater spray, the delicious hand creams, the infamous herbal recovery serum and one of the unsung heroes : the Calendula Cream which I go though by the bucket in my professional kit. I wanted to introduce to you one of the newest products to their range : the Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream, alongside some of the other key products.

If you don’t know : Jurlique is an Australian brand that prides itself on connecting people back to the healing powers of nature. Jurlique combines the ancient arts of alchemy, herbal medicine & homeopathy to produce wonderful skincare that is grown mostly on their biodynamic & organic farm in the beautiful Adelaide hills.

The Herbal Recovery range is possibly their most famous of the skincare ranges and it is all about targeting the first signs of ageing and injecting vitality, energy and radiance into your skin. YES PLEASE. The range os focused around 18 POWERFUL PLANT BOTANICALS which each serve a purpose to the skin yet also work in synergy perfectly together to form active, potent and hard-working skincare. Just to put this in to perspective, a normal cream or serum may have around 0-7 botanicals. 18 is hella lot.

Viola – Protects from premature ageing

Chickweed – Restores Moisture

Spilanthes – Firms & tightens

Daisy – Refreshes the skin

Peppermint – Revitalises dull skin

Peach Leaf – Strengthens & protects

Calendula – Soothes sensitivity

Rosemary – Enlivens skin

Chamomile – Rebalances

Dandelion – Promotes skin health

Persian Silk Tree – Purifies & protects

Whu-Zhu-Yu – Restores radiance

Licorice – Brightens & enhances

Rose – Softens skin

Echinacea – Rebalances oiliness

Marshmallow – Delivers instant hydration

Black Elder – Reduces redness

Lavender – Calms the skin

Advanced Day Cream This new cream contains all of the 18 potent botanicals mentioned above, and the key ingredient ‘Japanese Cedar Bud’ which keeps the skin looking and feeling firm, youthful and vibrant. This cream smells absolutely wonderful, and I love the herbal/floral scent and it just smells like it’s good for you…does that even make sense?! It’s quite a rich texture and as I have a more combination skin, I have just been using a small amount dabbed on over the serum which works well. It is best to be warmed slightly in the fingertips before massaging it over the face as this activates the botanicals.

In clinical trials, 87% of people who used this cream for 2 weeks said their skin appeared healthier.

Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum This is the product from the range that I have used over the years and I really rate it. It was actually the first thing I used from Jurlique, and it’s a super lightweight antioxidant gel-serum that is bursting with botanicals and active ingredients. It protects the skin from environmental aggressors and I find it particularly good for injecting the skin with vitality and glow.  A great all-rounder serum.

Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum I have never actually tried any of the Jurlique eye creams so I am really excited to try this, particularly as it sounds similar to the serum which I love so much. Will feed more back when I have had a chance to properly use it but here is the blurb : reduces the sign of fatigue, dehydration and protects with it’s high levels of antioxidants. It’s a very light gel texture so is good perhaps if you don’t like heavier creams and eye balms, and like something really fresh and light around the eye area. I also love an eye cream in a pump-bottle for cleanliness.

Have you tried any Jurlique skincare before? What are you favourite products?