Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara Review | Before & After.

That mascara that everyone has been talking about.

This is the brand new and definitely innovative mascara from Rimmel : The Volume Shake mascara.

This is a really unique and first-to-the-market mascara design which promises to deliver a consistent clump-free and non-dry formula to your lashes. It has a ‘shaker system’ within the mascara that you…erm… shake whenever you feel the mascara formula needs re-freshing. It’s essentially a heavy plastic tube that sits loose within the container that you can move around and ‘shake’.

I cannot deny that this is an interesting idea, and  clumpy, drying out mascara IS an issue for so many of us have (I remember you YSL Faux cils!!) so I can see why they have done it. Gimmicky? Perhaps. However it may be a good thing to keep longevity and that freshness in your mascara.


Your first thought undoubtably will be about the weight of this mascara. IT’S HEAVY. This is due to the *shaker system* within. It’s quite a wide tube, and the heaviest mascara I have ever weight-lifted. Is this a bad thing? Nope, not for me. essentially you are only applying and using the wand to apply it to your lashes, which is a standard, typical-looking wand.

As a mascara, it is ok. It didn’t blow me away, nor was it bad. It’s just……a nice mascara. It gave me nice seperation, and a little volume : but not enough for my preference. It left me with with very natural-looking lashes.

The formula is quite wet and fluid. I don’t mind this, but be careful of application as it can get messy before it dries.

In terms of the effectiveness of the shaker system, it’s hard for me to say as I have only had this mascara for one week. I think it’ll only kick into action when you need it, which for me , is usually after at least 4 weeks of having a mascara. I will update below or in a separate post when I find out! On the bottle it says to only use the shaker when you need : I haven’t needed it.

A key thing I noticed also was that the ‘best before’ after opening this mascara is 12 months! That is pretty major as most mascaras’ will be 4-6 months MAX. Perhaps the shaking thingy-majig really will increase the longevity of this mascara, and if it’s last you 12 months, your £8.99 spend is pretty darn good.

For me, as I wasn’t WOW-ed by the actual mascara, I would rather buy a mascara for the same price that would last me half the time and give me great lashes….if that makes sense? Rather than an *ok* mascara that will last me for up to a year.

Have you tried this mascara yet? What are your thoughts on this shaker-system mascara?  I wonder if any other brands will follow suit.