Skin Rocks The Cream Cleanser : Review.

skin rocks the cream cleanser review

Skin Rocks The Cream Cleanser : Review!

We need to chat about the Skin Rocks The Cream Cleanser which is the latest launch from the brand! Caroline and Skin Rocks have now launches 5 products in total which include The Retinoid 1 and 2, The Moisturiser (fragranced and FF), the Support Oil and now The Cream Cleanser (fragranced and FF). Honestly I am always excited to try the new products and I CANNOT wait to see what is coming next from the brand.

I’m thinking we will be blessed with a lightweight moisturiser soon, eye cream maybe a balm cleanser and of course there will be an SPF but I feel like that could be next year. I can only imagine in 2-3 years time we will have a full skincare regime, more bright singular colour packaging and one of the most-popular skincare brands around.

Caroline Hirons says : ‘A great all-rounder for first, second or morning cleanse, The Cream Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and conditions. The formula contains eight amino acids, squalane and jojoba seed oil to hydrate and protect the barrier without leaving any residue. Whilst our fragranced formula has been tested for sensitive skin, opt for the fragrance-free version if your skin is flaring up.’

In short, the Skin Rocks The Cream Cleanser will gently cleanse whilst respecting your skin barrier, leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and balanced. It is for all skin types, and particularly good for those of us with dryness, dehydration, sensitivity and dullness. I find it a very versatile cleanser as it kind of ticks ALL the boxes – it’s a crowd pleaser!

skin rocks the cream cleanser review skin rocks the cream cleanser review

Skin Rocks Cream Cleanser review.

I have been using this for around a month now so wanted to share with you my thoughts. You can also see in in action over on my Instagram page HERE.

The Skin Rocks cream cleanser has a nice sumptuous cream texture ; it feels quite luxurious and at the same time is quite a simple straight up cream cleanser. For me, it has both the feel and sensory experience I like AND it performs as expected. It can be used as both your AM/PM cleanse and also incorporated into a 2-step cleanse if you wish (I would probably use it as a second). It removes SPF, daily impurities and makeup including waterproof eye makeup so I often just use this, and sometimes double cleanse with it, if I need a bit more.

As it is oil-based it removes all kind of makeup including waterproof and can be used with our without a cloth. I tend to use it as my PM cleanser to remove everything so opt for a cloth and warm water as I find it just brings off makeup, especially eye makeup a lot easier.

It leaves skin feeling comfortable and conditioned. Key ingredients include eight amino acids, squalane and jojoba seed oil to soften the skin and boost hydration. I have the fragranced version which is a very light and fresh scent and certainly not over-bearing. You can opt for the fragrance free if you prefer!

Skin Rocks Cream cleanser FAQ’s 

How best to use the Skin Rock Cream Cleanser?

Use it as your AM and or PM cleanser. It can be used as a first and/or second cleanse. Massage over the entire face and eye area, then splash off with warm water or with a cloth for a deeper cleanse. Repeat if you wish.

Is it safe to use around the eyes?

Yes, it has has been ophthalmologically tested and is clinically proven to be gentle enough for use around the eye area.

Does it remove waterproof makeup / eye makeup?

Yes, The Cream Cleanser is oil-based and therefore will remove all makeup. You may need to double cleanse.

Is Skin Rocks cruelty free?

Yes it is a cruelty free brand. It does not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Skin Rocks do not and never will test their products or ingredients on animals.

Is the Skin Rocks The Cream Cleanser fragranced?

You can buy either fragranced or fragrance free! The fragrance is a very light and pleasant scent : unisex, fresh and light.

Is it ok for sensitive skin?

Yes. The Cream Cleanser was formulated with those prone to sensitivity or dryness in mind. Both the fragranced and fragrance-free cleanser has also been tested on sensitive skin and has been deemed suitable for all skin types.

skin rocks the cream cleanser review

I hope my Skin Rock Cream Cleanser review answered any of the questions you may have had about it. I think it’s a very ‘safe’ cleanser option : one that pretty much everyone and anyone can use, all skin types and will just do the damn job. It’s not a fussy cleanser, it’s not fancy, and that’s exactly what I was expecting from Caroline Hiron’s first cleanser drop! I expect there will be a cleaning balm to follow at some point in the future and I am here for it all!


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