Pregnancy News + Update : We are having a BOY!

Baby news update! I’ve just realised I don’t think I’ve even chatted about my pregnancy on here yet? Whoops. Anyway…..

We are having a boy!

We always wanted to find out the baby’s gender and usually you can do this at the 20-week scan but as when I was pregnant before with Margot, the baby wasn’t in a good position at the 20-week scan so they couldn’t give us an answer. We could have paid to have a private scan for this but we weren’t THAT fussed about if it was a boy or a girl and as I am a high-risk pregnancy this time around, I have lots of extra scans so we just waited until the next one to find out. We found out maybe a month ago that it was definitely a boy and I had a strong feeling that it was going to be. With my first pregnancy, I got boy vibes too and then was surprised when we got told we were having a girl. This time there was no real suprise and I think Tom , my husband had the boy feeling too.


I obviously have nothing to input on this subject matter at this time, but what I have heard through friends is that boys can be super loving and chilled in comparison to girls…who can be ahem demanding and a perhaps a little harder?! I know it’s wildly different for every one and every child but that’s definitely the generalised consensus so far.

Also – I am prepared for more baby changing and pee accidents. I have been warned about that with boys!

Everyone has always said that girl’s clothing is so much better than boys…and I can confirm that I have noticed this is true already! Boys clothing is quite generic in terms of the ‘boy’ colours and prints of dinosaurs and diggers (lol) and neon…..lots of neon?! I have had a bit of a search around and found some cute, more muted bits of clothing though, but there definitely isn’t as much choice as you have with girls! Fortunately a lot of Margot’s stuff is quite unisex so we don’t have to buy a great deal of baby boy clothing, and I’ve had some fantastic hand-me-downs too!

I haven’t spoken much about my pregnancy this time around for various reasons – hard to explain – in a nutshell, I seem to have so much going on in my life at the moment it’s been hard to focus on my pregnancy and baby. I feel a lot of guilt surrounding it but the situation is what it is and we are dealing with a lot, so I am just trying to keep myself healthy and then hopefully really soon we can focus on all things baby-related and get prepared for his imminent arrival.

I am feeling so unprepared but I think we never do feel prepared do we?! At least this time around, I have most of the baby things that we need and am prepared in terms of I know what to expect when that newborn baby bubble comes around. I am just this week starting to do some batch cooking, slowly de-cluttering the house and getting rid of as much *stuff* as possible to make way for the baby. We are having a big room change-up and switch-around too, as we will be moving my daughter into what is now my office, and the baby will eventually go into the smaller room (now my daughter’s room)! My office is being relegated to an outside, small garden pod…so lots to do in the next few months and we are planning most of this post baby arrival.

I will be sharing some more pregnancy-related posts really soon. I’ve actually been writing a few over the last 3 months or so : incoming I will be talking about all things 40-plus pregnancy, of course…beauty and skincare during pregnancy, our new pram (!!), new nursery decor/ inso and also some really cute AF clothing we have picked up!

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