Mulberry Handbag Outlet Stores in the UK : Get Mulberry Discounts!

Mulberry handbag discount uk

Mulberry Handbag Outlet Stores UK.

I just wanted to share some information on the Mulberry Outlet Stores that we have in the UK, as there are a fair few that we all need to know about! Of course, if you are after a great price on a Mulberry handbag, these could be the places you need to hit up to get that dream Mulberry handbag in the sale.

Mulberry Handbag Outlets are official Mulberry retailers where you will only find authentic Mulberry handbags.

Mulberry Handbag Outlets UK : 

There are currently 4 Mulberry outlets in the UK where you can get mulberry handbags for great discounts and sale prices. The stock that they hold can be anything from seasonal colours, limited edition styles and even some current seasonal stock!

1.) Oxford / Bicester.

Address : Mulberry Outlet, Unit 39 Bicester Village, 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, OX26 6WD

Telephone : +44 1869 322 882

Opening Times :

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday : 9am-9pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday : 8am – 9pm

Sunday : 10am – 7pm

I have actually purchased a mulberry handbag from here, my much-loved Mulberry Tillie. I purchased it in 2014 and it cost around £600. Bicester is probably one of the most famous shopping outlets in the UK so it gets very busy and my advice is to arrive half an hour before opening, have a coffee and plan your route of attack. I would also avoid weekends if at all possible!

2.) Cheshire Oaks.

Address: Mulberry Outlet Unit 169-170, Kinsey Rd Ellesmere Port Cheshire Oaks CH65 9JJ United Kingdom

Telephone : +44 151 356 8904

Opening times : Monday – Saturday 9am – 10pm , Sunday 10am – 6pm

3.) Somerset.

Address : The Old School House, Kilver St, Shepton Mallet BA4 5NF

Telephone : +44 1749 340 583

Opening hours : Open daily 10am – 5pm

This is now local to me (we moved to Somerset this year) and I’m so excited to re-visit the Somerset outlet and the Mulberry factory location! This is the heart of Mulberry handbags and where it all started. I have been here twice before, but not for many years now so I am looking forward to making a trip soon and hopefully before Christmas! I will keep you updated when I do.

4.) York.

Address : 23-25 Swinegate, York , North Yorkshire YO1 8AZ

Telephone : +44 01904 611055

Opening hours : Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm , Sunday 11am – 5pm

Mulberry Handbag Outlet Prices.

The prices you will pay in a Mulberry outlet really can vary : the main thing to know is ALL the bags will be discounted by *something*. I would say at least 15% at worst, up to 60% at best. It depends on the amount of stock they get in , the styles, how well they sell in the outlets (if they don’t sell they will get discounted further and further – they need to make room for the next stock!) I’m afraid to say it can be hit and miss on the day you visit : what deliveries they have had, if they’ve had anything new and the discounts on the day – it always changed rapidly!

The best scenario for shopping Mulberry handbags at outlets is to live near enough to one that you can frequently pop in to check and see what’s new and the prices. You have to physically go in to see as there are no online Mulberry outlets at this time.

Mulberry handbag discount uk

How to get a DISCOUNT on a Mulberry Handbag?

There are a few ways to get a Mulberry handbag for a discount. Firstly, off course the Mulberry handbag outlets that we have spoken about above. Also :

1.) Mulberry handbag SALE HERE!

2.) Mulberry Preloved

3.) Second-hand / marketplaces (Ebay , Vestiaire collective etc)

Mulberry Handbag Sales.

They *do* happen online at Mulberry, post-season and of course the Mulberry Boxing Day Sale WHICH IS ON NOW BTW and there can be some great savings. I’ve not personally had much luck online as often I find they are the seasonal shades that I have never fancied much but I know some people who have gotten really lucky with the Mulberry sales online. I think you just need to be very quick and kind of know what you are after.

Buying a Mulberry Handbag Second-Hand : 

there are various ways and places you can buy a second-hand mulberry handbag. I would read my in-depth post HERE to give you a more in-depth breakdown and some great tips : The BEST ways to buy a second-hand mulberry handbag. That post is loaded with information.

In short the places to look for buying second-hand mulberry handbags : 


I think you really know what you are getting when you buy a bag from Mulberry Preloved. Also : there is no chance that these second-hand Mulberry handbags are going to be fakes : they are authenticated and sold through Mulberry themselves. You get that full Mulberry shopping experience for a huge reduction! Yes please.


A great website to buy authentic luxury resale items. Vestiaire Collective has a great reputation and it’s 100% a safe place to buy and sell your luxury and designer items! They have a huge selection of second-hand Mulberry handbags and at great prices too. Vestiaire have a £15 control and authentication service they charge on top which, to be honest, is exactly what you want. You then have that protection and guarantee that you are getting a REAL Mulberry handbag and I think this is really important.  I’ve just had a quick look at what Mulberry bags are on Vestiaire at the moment and there are some really gorgeous ones including the classic Bayswater, some Lily’s, Darley’s and Alexa’s.


3.) EBAY

This is the highest risk but can bring the highest reward (aka you may be very lucky and get an authentic one for a really good price!). BUT : I would be definitely more wary when buying from Ebay. For me, I think of the worry, then the possibility of having to then send something back / get your money back etc if you aren’t happy….I’m not sure if I can be bothered with all of that. Some people are amazing Ebay bargain hunters and I think if this is you, and you have the experience of purchasing on Ebay and have the confidence, and you know what you are looking for….and you are happy to potentially wait for the right Mulberry to come up for sale : then Ebay can certainly be a good option to buy second-hand Mulberry handbags.

So I hope that was of use to you if you are looking for Mulberry Handbag Outlet Stores in the UK and ways to score a discount on Mulberry handbags. There are a few ways to get them on sale, so if you have any questions then please leave them below!

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