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Lumity anti ageing facial oil

Lumity is a skincare and wellness brand that I have recently been introduced to so I wanted to share with you my thoughts and how I’ve been getting on with the products and that infamous jade roller! Lumity is  brand created by Sara Palmer Hussey, a scientist from Cambridge University who wanted to create nutritional-based effective products, that offered real, tangible benefits.

Lumity is all about skin health, nutrition, health and radiance.

Mother’s day is creeping upon us (when I say creeping I mean it’s TOMORROW) and not only is this a fabulous brand to introduce to the woman you look up to in life, be it your mum, aunt, grandmother, best friend or neighbour. It’s what I would call an ‘easy brand’ : one that anyone can use, anyone can benefit from and it’s simple. I am loving simplicity in my regime at the moment. You will probably know I am a new mum and still finding my feet. Anything refined and streamlined gets a big tick from me and if there’s anything my own mum taught me about skincare is to invest in your skin, keep it easy, fuss-free and look after it the best you possibly can.

I wanted to introduce it to you today as they currently have an amazing Mother’s day offer : if you purchase the Skin Nutrients Face Oil you get the jade roller (worth £25) for free! Let’s talk about the products…

The Lumity Anti Ageing Facial Oil is created with 32 botanical oils and extracts designed to provide all the nutrients that your skin needs. It is a holistic-approach oil that can be used both day and night and incorporated easily into any routine. I am particularly dry/dehydrated at the moment so I have been using it both day and night in replace of a serum. After a week of use, now my skin is feeling more nourished, I will use it as my PM only oil. It smells super aromatic, which I love, it doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy (I apply a few drops onto clean palms and press it onto my skin as to avoid too much excess) and I have noticed in only a week of using it, that my skin feels more radiant and soothed.

Amongst the 32 botanical oils are Camellia seed oil, Baobab seed oil, Argan oil, Kukui seed oil and Evening Primrose oil. It also contains extracts of Cranberry fruit, Green Tea, Blueberry, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Goji Berry, Gotu Kola, and Rosemary Leaf. The aromatic scent comes from oils such as Sandalwood, Vetivert and Pink Pepper (which for me is what I can really smell initially).

The facial oil will replenish moisture, restore elasticity and firmness, reinforce the skin barrier, promote collagen synthesis and balance the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

Lumity anti ageing facial oil

Lumity facial oil and jade roller

Alongside slathering on this beautiful oil every day, I have, for the first time ever, been regularly using the Lumity Jade Roller both AM and PM with the oil. It has been a perfect combination and I can genuinely say I am now a Jade Roller fan for life. O M G.

I am a little lazy with things. Add on things. Extra things. Things that will add even a minute onto my routine. However, with the jade roller, I was determined to use it every day to really see if I could see or feel any benefits : the 283849 people raving about it surely can’t be wrong? Well, not only does my skin look (humble brag) insane after a week of Lumity oil, jade roller and supplements (will come to those shortly) but it feels so good on my skin when I’m using it. I couldn’t believe how cold the actual jade is on the skin : it is super soothing, de-puffing and enlivening to use in the morning, and let’s be honest I am looking pretty TERRIBLE at the moment when I wake up after a disrupted sleep with a 6 month old who is being a tricky.


I opened the jade roller up from it’s beautiful box. It looks so pretty I thought. I finally have a pretty jade roller I thought….but I have NO idea on how to actual use it properly. It does have simple instructions on the back but I wanted to see it being used on someone, so there I was on my first night, following a YouTube tutorial on how to use a jade roller effectively.

  • Cleanse skin and apply a facial oil
  • Do one side of the face first then the other
  • Start at the chin and work towards the hairline, then work your way upwards so you end up nose to ear.
  • Roll then release so you are only applying pressure upwards
  • Flip it to the smaller side and use this under the eye area : inner corner to temples, then eyebrows to temples, eyebrow to hairline
  • Finish on the forehead by swiping it horizontally out towards the temples. I also did it vertically in between my brows.
  • I repeated each movement 3 times but actually have no idea if that was correct! It felt good though and it takes 1-2 minutes to do the whole face.

I will say if you are unsure about jade rollers ; you need to give it a try. It will work with any facial oil if you don’t want to splash out and it’s something that anyone and everyone can benefit from.

Lumity are possibly more well known for their Anti Ageing Supplements : these have a multitude of benefits (clinically proven) including clearer skin, improved immune system, optimum nutrient absorption, stronger bones and joints, healthier hair and stronger nails. The supplements tick a lot of boxes and they are super easy to use : you simply take x3 morning soft gels in the AM and then x3 night soft gels in the PM. They have slightly different functions but keep your skin working hard around the clock. The morning supplements contain their unique VITA complex, alongside Vitamin C, E and Zinc so really concentrate protecting the body against oxidative stress. The night supplements are packed full of Omega 3’s and amino acids to renew the skin, keeping it plump and radiant.

How to use a jade roller

Lumity anti ageing supplements

So a fabulous and simple brand that I wanted to introduce to you, and one that is definitely working for me and fitting into my routine. I keep the supplements by my bedside so I remember to take them before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake and I am also keeping my jade roller by my bed too. There is no excuses not to use it as I’ve been squeezing in the AM session just as Margot is awake and on the bed with us and then in the PM I am doing it sometimes in bed! I am really interested to see the long term benefits of this too. I will update you in a few months for sure.

To get your free jade roller you need to use the code FREEJADEROLLER at checkout. This offer is just on until Mother’s day (31st March) so get on it quick. > CLICK HERE if you fancy a gander and taking up this great offer. 

Talk to me about facial oils and jade rollers : what’s your favourite? Have you used a jade roller before? Any tips on how to use it in the best way? Let me know in the comments. 

*This post is sponsored by Lumity Skincare.