New & Limited Edition | The Liz Earle Jasmine & Osmanthus Cleanse & Polish.

Liz Earle have been *jujjing* up their award-winning Cleanse & Polish formula for some time now with limited edition packaging and fragrances. The latest one to hit the shelves is this one, the Jasmine & Osmanthus Cleanse & Polish. It is exactly the same cream cleanser formula as the original , just enhanced with this summery fragrance for a limited time. Jasmine is a very delicate and feminine scent that always reminds me of summer and Osmanthus, which I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of, is a sweet-smelling blossom, almost a bit apricot-like.

As a fragrance combination this smells really lovely and fresh, not overwhelming or sweet and I find it nice for a change in these brighter months. Aromatherapy I find really important and if you love the smell of your skincare, then somehow, you just enjoy using them more.

 I love the floral packaging which brightens up the normal pale green tube, and I’m also liking the fact it is the same formula and ingredients so if you are a fan of this cleanser anyway, it won’t disrupt or change your skin. If you are unfamiliar with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish then it is a lovely cream-based cleanser that suits all skin types to remove all traces of makeup & grime and leaves you feeling super clean. I use it in the PM as I would with any oil or cream cleanser ; one pump massaged all over my dry face and eyes (removes mascara etc) , then I simply swipe all the product away with warm water and the muslin cloth. I like to finish my cleanse with a few squirts of the Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic as it just clarifies and soothes the skin after a deep cleanse, then on with your face cream.

The Jasmine & Osmanthus Cleanse & Polish is available now and will be around for a few months and until stocks last. The price is £20.75 for a 150ml bottle plus you get x 2 muslin cloths, which have also been spruced up with a silver trim. FANCY.