6 Budget Makeup Brushes everyone should have.

Good quality makeup brushes don’t always have to be the most expensive. Yes, for sure, I have some brushes in my arsenal that cost quite ridiculous amounts of cash and they are beautiful to use and quite often to look at, but even as *makeup-savvy* as I am, I know I am often buying into a name or a trend. As a makeup artist, I tend to have my expensive and posh-branded brushes in my professional kit as that’s kinda what’s expected, however on myself, I will more often than not be using high street brands which speaks volumes.

I think more recently over the last few years we have seen brands like Crownbrush and Zoeva taking the makeup brush world by storm as they have proven that they can produce quality at an affordable price. Gone are the days that when you spent £5 on a makeup brush meant that it was synthetic, cut awfully and scratched whatever area you were applying makeup to!

Crownbrush C472 Chisel Pro Foundation(£8.99)


This is the one I am constantly mentioning in my makeup posts. I use this every single day. A great dupe for the Shu Uemura Natural 18 (which I use in my kit) or the Tom ford Cream Foundation brush which is a little over-hyped and costs SIX times the price of my lil’ Crownbrush gem. It’s a natural hair foundation brush which is a really great buffing brush, this shape is so much better for application then your typical paddle-style foundation brush. You can really work it into the skin and pores to get a flawless finish. Can also be used for cream contour and cream blusher. You need this. Now.

Crownbrush BK25 Deluxe Badger Chisel Powder Brush (£19.39)

The biggest, fluffiest, softest powder brush and the price is just unbeatable. I got this at IMATS a few years ago and it’s one of my favourites for all over powdering and soft bronzing. Great for the makeup kit and I have had a similar brush from Crownbrush for over 10 years and it’s still in absolute perfect condition!

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease (£6.95)

A perfect blending brush for the eyes. Natural hair. A MAC 224 dupe (this is way better actually) for a third of the price. It is tapered perfectly to allow for blending out powder or powder eyeshadow. Can also be used for application of precision powdering like Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder under the eye.

Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease (£6.95)

This is a smaller and more precise version of the above. again, it is made from natural hair, but this is slightly firmer and shorter and tapered into more of a point to allow for precise application and blending. I love using this for applying colour to the socket or doing a cut-crease type look.

Real Techniques Shading Brush (£3.85)

Synthetic hair and a nice small, almost stubby shape to this brush which makes it great for smudging, blurring and smoking. I most often use this to apply eyeshadow under the lower lashes for that really sultry look. When used on it’s side you can get quite nice and firm precision

KIKO 204 Precision eye brush (£10.90)

I really like the length of the handle of this brush as it allows for good precision and control I use this either with gel liners to get that perfect feline flick or more recently with the Anastasia DipBrow. Gives a nice thin and sharp line.

Cleaning your brushes

I have been using a gorgeous LUSH solid shampoo as a brush cleanser for quite some time ; it is easy and quick and just works a treat. Full blog post about cleaning brushes etc is >here< if you fancy a read. It’s important to look after your brushes as they will last you many years and hygiene is kinda important!

What is your favourite brand for budget brushes? Have you tried any of these?