The Leesa Mattress : 2-month Update.

So me and my husband had been struggling with back pains and a good night’s sleep for…….well way too long. We had talked endlessly about getting the dream mattress and we spent around 2 months of research, asking our friends, looking on Sleepopolis and other independant review sights (hey, my sleep is a serious thing) and in the end we opted to purchase a Leesa Mattress.

The Leesa mattress is one of *those* mattress-in-a-box type ones. You order it online, and it arrives a few days later to your door and ready to unroll : do read my unboxing post here to see how it is packed and wrapped, and how much Herman loved the box.

2 months on:

It has only got better over time, and I don’t know how that is even possible? Maybe we have just got used to it after using a really cheap old mattress for so long, so we have kind of broken it in and got used to the comfiness and support of having a *proper mattress*. I remember thinking in the first week that I felt the Leesa mattress was at a weird angle, but it turns out our old mattress sloped inwards quite badly, so actually having a straight/firm mattress took getting used to.

What I absolutely love about it : you cannot feel the other person moving about. If you or your other half is having a sleepless night, then you will not know about it. It almost feels like you have your own bed and space and this is giving me all the feels!  We also up-sized our bed at the same time and purchased a new bed frame, so the extra few inches on the mattress also make a difference in sleeping/ space and being able to stretch out without an elbow to the face. We got a king size.

I’m not even gonna lie, this is THE comfiest mattress I have ever slept in and I am so SO happy we opted for Leesa. I have actually never slept on a memory of am type mattress so I cannot compare it with others but all I know is that I am sleeping like a baby and I am not constantly tossing and turning having night fights with husband and I am not getting back pains. Leesa use a unique layering of different foams with the ‘Avena’ foam being on top to prevent getting too hot. If I have a bad back from carrying a particularly heavy makeup kit for a few ays (hello London Fashion Week) I find it actually really soothing to lie flat on my back on the mattress as it has great support and it’s not too soft. I think it’s around 7/10 on the firmness scale.

I mentioned the smell in my initial/ first impressions post :  it has quite a strong ‘manufacturing’ smell which is a little plastic-y. This is quite normal and the mattresses are made to order and have literally just been made/wrapped and is nothing harmful or anything to worry about. This smell, is said to last a few days, but in our case, it actually lasted around 2 weeks. Again, it wasn’t anything I was overly bothered by, but I think it’s good to mention.

If you want to find out more about the dreamy Leesa Mattress then do head over to their website for the full info, prices, sizes and return info. They give you a generous 100-night trial period and if you are unhappy, then they will simply pick it up, free of charge, and refund you in FULL. They will also recycle the mattress and donate it to a charity if this happens to be the case. WIN-WIN-WIN. If you want to check out some independent comparison sites then do have a look at Sleepopolis : the serious mattress talk in their You Tube videos are QUITE something.

* This is a sponsored post. We did purchase the Leesa mattress and afterwards the company contacted me for a sponsored review – so here we are.