Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color Lipsticks : Full Swatches & Review.

So if you follow me on *anything* you will know that I was super excited to receive an amazing package a couple of weeks ago containing ALL the new shades of the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color *Squealy-time*. I was overwhelmed with all the shades and glorious-ness that I wanted to wait until I had time to properly swatch them and give a few days of wear to try out this new formula (plus….ya kno, it’s been fashion week and I’ve been crazy busy).

These new lipsticks were a nice surprise in that fact that they WEREN’T the opaque/matte lipsticks that everyone is churning out on the back of the matte lip trend, but these are a little more forward-thinking in the form of crushed lip stains that have a nourishing, lip balmy feel.

When applied on the lips, these feel really comfortable, buttery and almost like a tinted lip balm to me and they give a nice, rich colour payoff. They contain beeswax, vitamin E and C that are entwined with delicious pigments for a kissable finish. They leave a sheen on the lips and feel kind of like a typical lippie BUT, and here is the big but (and I cannot lie) : they have a really long, stain-like wear that can last up to 8 hours. For me, if I want the long wear from them I do give them a quick blot straight after application to take the sheen off, and I find this better for me, otherwise you will lose colour when you drink / kiss / etc. I still carry my shade-of-the-day in my bag for top-ups but they do stay on really well and the vibrancy stays true.

They come in 20 incredible shades and cost £24. I spent a good hour or so swatching these for your perusal so you can check out the shade range for yourself. My favourites to wear are Sunset, Lilac, Crush & Regal. I would love to see a couple of slightly paler nudes, and maybe something a little darker and *out there* however this is Bobbi Brown and they are all about that very wearable, more natural makeup as opposed to trend makeup so I get why they have opted for these shades ; there are still some really lovely brights & reds here for those who are more daring.

Do they last up to 8 hours? Well…..kind of. When applied in the morning and left to their own device, they do leave a stain on the lips which will stay on all day, but if you like to more vivid look of when they first apply then a couple of touch-ups will be necessary. I absolutely LOVE these formulas though as they are different, innovative, perfect for winter lips AND my clients have all been loving them.

Looking at the swatches, I think you can see what a lovely, rich pigment and finish they have.What are you thinking of the shades? Any favourites? These are available online and of course, at the lovely Bobbi Brown counters.

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