Latest in Beauty : New & Noteworthy box.

This is my first taster of the infamous Latest in Beauty service and I received the ‘New & Noteworthy’ collection (now sold out) box to try out.

I haven’t had a lot of experience with beauty subscription boxes but Latest in Beauty works slightly differently which I think is why it has become SO popular over the last few years.


You sign up and select your beauty preferences so you get tailored recommendations as opposed to the ‘one-size-fits-all’. You choose either 3 (£9), 6 (£15) or 9 (£18) of your favourite products to try in the box each month OR you can opt for the one-off collection boxes which is what I have (this is now sold-out) but they do still have that amazing Grazia one and others that you can pick from!

The subscription length is either 3, 6 or 12 months so you can always sign up for just 3 to begin with and see how you find it. I think a one year commitment can be a little much for some so it’s nice that they have different options.

I think it’s a great idea that you can curate your own personal box and literally choose from hundreds of beauty products that you would like ; you do lose that ‘surprise’ element but if you don’t select any items for your monthly box you will get random products selected for you.


My first box from LIB so let’s have a look inside. Like I have said this is an older box from the start of the summer so it’s now sold out but it gives you a taste of the kind of brands they use, the sizes and the savings. This box was priced at just £26.

The box comes packaged really nicely, it’s a nice, re-useable box if you want and no plastic. In this box there is a mixture of full-size, travel-size and one-useage items. In this box it’s mainly full-size items. It’s a nice mix of skincare, body care and beauty and it’s kind of what I look for in a beauty box ; brands that I know and recognise such as MUA, Patchology and Jurlique and brands that are new to me (A.T Antao, Lore and Argetum) and ALL products that I have never used.

I’m really excited by the Patchology Aquaflash Daily Gel moisturiser as I am a big fan of this brand already and this looks like a great moisturiser for summer and more humid months PLUS it’s a full size! The CAKE Mane Manage’r is another full-size product that is going straight onto my bathroom shelf as I love a detangler / leave-in treatment and I have just run out of mine. Super cute packaging too. 

Possibly my favourite beauty discovery from this box is the A.T Antao Colourlux Lip Laquer. It’s a brand I’ve never heard of and the colour I received (strawberry) is SUCH a stunning pinky-red lip colour.

It applies almost like a gloss with a nice high shine and finish but completely stains the lip underneath so you get a beautiful, long-lasting lip colour. Blot it on with fingertips for a more muted tone. LOVE.

Some of the smaller products which I haven’t got round to trying yet will go into my travel & holiday stash of samples. super handy for when you go away and need things such a soap / washes and face masks!

I’ve worked out the sizes, RRPs of all the products in this box and although it only cost £26 it has a value of well over £150 which is absolutely amazing! I think from all of the beauty boxes, this MUST be one of the ones that has the biggest savings?

On your little information leaflet that comes inside the box, you also get some discount codes that can be used off various brands from inside ranging from 15% to 50% which is another nice touch.

You can check-out and subscribe to LIB right here if you are interested.

Have you tried Latest in Beauty yet or any other beauty subscription box? Let me know your thoughts.

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