August Beauty Favourites

A bunch of things that I am liking lately.

I’ve been quite meticulous on using up products rather than trying everything I get set by the week, so some of these are products I’ve had for AGES (cough PIXI) but I’ve only just got around to opening and trying out more recently.

As I’m packing up to move, this is the main bunch of things that I keeping aside to see me through the next couple of weeks ; hair, body and makeup! It’s gonna be a busy few weeks, and in all honestly, I am going to need a LOT of help to keep me looking put together and presentable to my new neighbours!


Transitioning my skincare regime from summer > autumn and embracing the cooler and less humid weather. In the summer, skin produces more oil naturally so for me, everything gets a lot lighter and more simple.

I’m really focusing at the moment on getting a more active and anti-ageing routine on-the-go now and I’ve finally cracked into my PIXI Vitamin C serum which I’ve had waiting on my desk for months now! I am really enjoying the lovely lightweight texture, the smell, the feel and it seems to be giving my skin a much-needed boost after a stressful few months.

ARK skincare has been on my radar for a while now as they have been doing big blogger sound outs and I was thrilled when they reached out to send me a few of their products. I have been trying one of their cleansers and then their Skin Protector SPF30 primer which has been an immediate hit for me ; Lovely lightweight texture, easily layered under / over my other skincare and it is a really good primer and prep for daily makeup. I will be doing a more in-depth review of this and the other products really soon.


I did my first makeup (high street) haul a few weeks ago and purchased a few pieces that I have had my eye on for a while – some good, some not so much but I am really loving the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser Concealer and I’m glad so many people recommended this to me! I am using this daily, it’s so good for under the eyes and light concealing on the face, has a lovely light feel and I got a great colour match.

I also purchased the MUA Glow Light Lustre Liquid Highlighter and I’ve been using a dab of this in with my base every single day to add glow and freshness. I got it in shade ‘Wonder’ which seems to be the palest but possibly the most versatile for me.

I recently received my first Latest in Beauty box (full review and breakdown here) and within it was the AT Antao Colourlux Lip Laquer. It’s SUCH a beautiful, long wearing formula and this shade, Strawberry, is just a stunner! I also spotted these in TK Maxx last week so keep your eyes peeled. A slightly more muted and daytime lip colour I’ve been wearing a lot lately (and most of the summer tbf) is the Soleil Toujours Lip Mask. This is a wonderful, hydrating and tinted lip balm with SPF 15. I have it in shade ‘L’Orangerie’ which is a lovely soft nude peach. I’ll be wearing this a lot through the winter months too.

Too Faced have launched a few products lately that I’ve been really interested in including a new mascara and then this Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner. It has a really thin nib, a bit like my favourite DHC eyeliner, so it’s perfect for really precise application and sharp flicks! It’s a waterproof formula and is a lovely deep black ink with good pay off.


Who would have though a deodorant could be such a cult product? Well the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant is exactly this! It’s aluminium and alcohol free, doesn’t stain or leave residue and is made from a super natural formula that is perfect for the most sensitive of skins. It smells super zesty, keeps you fresh AND it’s unisex (as is ALL their products). LOVE.

I’ve only just cracked into this bottle of Shea Moisture Coconut + Hibiscus illuminating body wash and it’s a going on the list after a week. This is possibly *THE* nicest-smelling shower gel I have ever used ever ever EVER. It is just so fresh and . Aside from the scent, it leaves my skin feeling a lot more nourished and comfortable that my typical, cheaper shower gels that I have been using lately.

This is such a creamy pamper and a treat for the skin and I will 100% be purchasing when I have ran out of this. 

It’s a large 384ml size so should see me through a few months too. I also have the body cream which is gorgeous too – although I’m super lazy with applying it!

Colab reached out to me last month and sent me a selection of their dry shampoos to try and I was really intrigued as I had heard from SO many of my trusted peeps that this was the don of dry shampoos! I was actually going to buy a bottle when my Batiste ran out so it was great timing too. I’m half way through my first bottle of Colab Original Dry Shampoo already and I’m really liking it. The packaging is pretty, it doesn’t feel quite as chalky as a lot of the others I have used and leaves my hair feeling really light and fresh, and none of that white/ grey residue which is a huge tick. I always assumed it was more pricey than most my high street go-to’s but it’s only £3.50 so it’s the same as, if not, cheaper than most!

I am loving tanning drops at the moment and have recently started using the Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops and they are SO GOOD. It’s a complete customisable tan that you can drop into your face cream/serum or into a body cream to give you the level of tan that you wish. I have just been using this on my face at the moment and 2-3 drops gives me a nice glowing and noticeable looking tan after just one use. I only have to apply them around three times a week to maintain and the formula is very natural-looking and I haven’t had any disasters as yet!

If you follow my Instagram you probably know that I recently switched up my hair colour yet again, and I’m back to being pastel pink after a few years hiatus.

I love it, and I just feel *more me* again and it’ll be around for a while I think. I am going to be writing amore in-depth post but I used Schwarzkopf Colour LIVE AND they sent me some of the Schwarzkopf Omegaplex aftercare treatments to maintain my hair health and stop the damage after bleaching. The Omegaplex (as it sounds…ahem) is their version of a very well known aftercare/during colouring treatment which works to prevent damage and breakage from bleaching and colouring.

I will go more into this on my hair colour post (should be up this weekend!) but the whole range has been amazing, and in particular the Schwarzkopf Color Sealer Treatment which I have been using in place of my conditioner once a week. I’ve had horrendous problems with bleach damage in the past and my hair seems to be in better condition even than from when before I coloured it!

Last up in this filthy bunch is the cult lash growth product that we’ve all heard about over the years ; the Revitalash. Now I got sent this maybe 4-5 weeks ago, but only got round to using it a couple of weeks ago and I can already see a difference in my lashes. I know SO many makeup artists, clients and celebrities which have sworn on this product for years, so it almost doesn’t surprise me that it’s working but I’m obviously very happy it is. I’ve done before / during / and will do after pictures when I have finished up this tube to show you my results.

Well that ended up being quite a hefty round up of new product favourites. Can you spot any products that you have been loving lately? Or perhaps something you didn’t like as much as me? Let me know in the comments.

*Contains press samples