Maintaining that Faux Glow in Winter : 4 Easy Tanning Must-Haves.

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I’ve been clinging on to my tan quite desperately for a few weeks. Let’s not get it twisted ; we generally all look and feel better with a hint of colour whether it be from the actual sun (which I didn’t get introduced to over the summer….at all) or from a bottle. We all know that it’s healthier to come from a bottle, and fortunately the tanning formulas, methods and brands have come on in leaps and bounds over the years so we can wave goodbye to the orange streaks, the wotsit-faux-pas AND the dreaded rich tea biscuit smell. 

Fake tanning is now easy for everyone and anyone no matter what your skintone, timeframe or budget is. In the winter months, I would always suggest opting for something a little more hydrating, lightweight & skincare infused as our skin tends to be a little more dehydrated & pale. 

Here are a handful of my winter go-to’s for pepping up my colour and making me look less ethereal and feeling a whole lot better.

I’ve be re-introduced to Fake Bake recently & I am really rating them once again. I have become a bit *meh* with some of my old favourite tans @ the moment as the haven’t seem to bring much new or exciting out lately. Fake Bake on the other hand seem to be re-inventing and improving their formulas in leaps and bounds. I am really liking the FAIR Gradual Self-Tan as just a gentle faux glow ; for when I basically can’t be as*ed to do the whole fake-tan-mitt-application-drying-off-routine. This applies like a body lotion, dries in a flash and doesn’t give too much of a strong colour so precise application is not necessary, ; perfect if you are a bit slap-dash and don’t have time for the full-on fake tanning routine.

Another product I love and have used for…..years, is the He-Shi Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm. I actually started using this by…default. I had it on a trip away for a week and forgot ALL of my face creams #FirstWorldProblems so had to simply use this as my face cream. My glowing skin after day 2 made it an instant hit for me ; and no breakouts and strong scent like most face tans come loaded with. This is a skincare-tan hybrid, so besides giving you a lovely, caramel tan, it contains Brazilian Millesis (antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid, Almond Oil & Jojoba protein to ensure the skin is protected and nourished just like your normal face cream. I have no idea why it is an ‘overnight’ balm as it has no ingredients that would prevent you from wearing it in the day BUT I like the fact that it is branded as this, and I guess arguably you would want something with SPF in the day.
This comes out clear/colourless by the way and FYI.

Transparent Tanning?! The Tan Luxe Tanning Water is the latest addition to my tanning product clan. It’s relatively new to the market and I bought it from Space NK towards the end of the summer last year. It’s a completely colourless water spray that contains lots of natural ingredients to condition and treat your skin such as purified water, Vitamins B, C & E, and Raspberry Seed Oil. Don’t be fooled by the (lack of) colour; this fake tan packs a punch and gives you a really good, deep tan within 2-4 hours. They do have a lighter one, but I have opted for the ‘Medium’ which is the darker of the two and this is currently what I am using when I want to look and feel my best. It’s not cheap coming in at £33 but this tan really is the shi* and if you are a fake tan fan, then you need to give Tan Luxe a try. Their whole range/application methods are unique, innovative and the colour is beautiful.

Last but not least ; not a fake tan as such but an instant/wash-off type thing is the This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash. A summery product in nature and name but this is one of my winter skincare heroes and I absolutely love it. It’s a sheer tinted gel that gives instant colour to the face that can be mixed in with your skincare or makeup OR used straight onto your face simply to give a tanned look. Packed to the brim with vitamins C, D & E so is also like a vitamin shot to boost and energise your skin.

This is a product that everyone should have or something similar in your skincare collection as it is SO handy. Also a great product to add into your foundation to make it darker in the summer/holiday time…rather than having to buy a new shade of foundation. 

What are you favourite faux glow products for the winter months? Do you even bother with fake tanning?