New Launch | La Roche Posay Effaclar K (+)

La Roche Posay’s Effaclar range has been hugely popular as it is an entire range that is targeted towards an oily skin profile….with products that are effective as us oily-faced-babes actually need (lots of brands just do a mattifying face cream and we are done..). The latest addition is a product called Effaclar K (+)

This lightweight serum-gel is targeted for those with an oily-combination skin with a proneness to blackheads & irregular skin texture. This is your AM/PM face moisturiser that will micro-exfoliate, control and reduce sebum production and give vital daily antioxidant protection.

It has a lovely fresh aqua-gel texture that is super cooling and instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving your face feeling purified and clean which we all know if you suffer from oily skin, is such a nice feeling rather than feeling oily and grimy after 2 hours into your day. It is a fantastic makeup base too as it leaves the skin semi-matte. The Effaclar K (+) not only has this instant gratification but longterm (4 weeks +) it will smooth the skin texture, unclog pores, reduce blackheads & blemishes.

What’s the difference between this and Effaclar Duo (+)?

They are kind of same-same-but-different. They are obviously both targeted towards an oily/breakout skin but they are some differences which I will try and highlight.

Effaclar K+ is more for improving skin texture and tone for a typical *breakout skin*; oily, open-pored, acne scarring, redness etc.  This contains Salicylic Acid which is a great ingredient for cleaning out the pores, Duo+ does not contain this ingredient.

*Improving texture of the skin



*De-clogs pores

*Leaves skin semi-matte

*Fresh, light gel texture

Effaclar Duo+ is better for when you have active breakouts ; reach for this when your skin is having it’s bad days/weeks of the month until you clear up, then you can swap back to the K+ to keep on top of the appearance of the skin and the oil production.

*Unclogging pores

*Reduces blemishes

*Improves marks on the skin

*Leaves skin semi-matte

*Fresh, light gel texture

Do you need both? They are kind of similar to be honest, but it really depends on your skin and how it breaks out. I think you just need to work out if you need to treat existing breakouts and spots or just more if you want to keep on top of oily skin and potential breakouts.  I dip in & out of Effaclar Duo+ and literally just use it for a few days/up to a week when my skin is bad. This will give it time to clear up but I also find if used for longer periods of time it can begin to dry my skin out so I like to mix it up with other products and keep it on the sideline to be called into action when I need help.

Have you tried anything from the Effaclar range yet?

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