PIXI x Chloe Morello Collection & The Pixi Pretties : Swatches + Makeup Look.

As you possibly most definitely know, PIXI have done another bout of influencer collaborations known as ‘PIXI Pretties’ to launch some fabulous makeup palettes and pieces for Spring 2018.

These exciting collaborations are with Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy Weylie Hoang. Each influencer has created x2 products for this exciting collaboration, all including at least 1 palette and something spangly or complimentary to go with. They will be limited edition but fear not, around for a while and I think from all the products/ styles and finishes, there is something that will appeal to everyone.

Today I want to focus on my favourite collab which has to be the Chloe Morello items which includes one multi-use makeup Palette Chloette and a dazzling Lip Icing which is a gold-hued glimmer topcoat/ lipgloss. The palette contains Chloe’s favourite day-to-day hues inspired by romance and they are all soft, blendable, easy-to-wear shades. There is x3 blush shades, x6 eye shades and x 3 liner/brow shades. I think this has been my go-to as it’s simply the colours I would tend to reach for everyday ; warm browns, golds, and the ‘Bouquet’ blusher is my new day-to-day fave. The trio of liner and brow shades are matte powder formulas but can be used both wet & dry. I would definitely suggest using them wet for a more in-depth look and more intricate definition and I have been using them dry to add depth into my eyeshadow. Veil is a gorgeous highlighter than I am using on both eyes and face, and again, use wet for a higher impact finish or for that halo effect eye.

The Lip Icing is a pretty rose gold glimmer gloss and although I am wearing this mainly solo as a pretty nude lip, it also looks really effective and pretty over any exhisting lip shade to add some oomph.

The below look is using ALL colour from the Palette Chloette and the Lip Icing simply on it’s own. On the eyes I used shades : Fairtytale, Passion, Veil & Unity. On the cheeks I used the glorious Bouquet blusher with a good dusting of Veil over the top as a highlighter. You can see why I am opting for this as an everyday makeup palette, as it just looks very fresh and neutral and it’s super quick to do it all from one palette!

If you like your more subtle and neutral makeup then the PIXI x Chloe Morello range could be for you. This is the kind of palette I can see myself using so much and touching pan on most of the shades = WINNER.

Do let me know if you fancy seeing looks and swatches of the other palettes? I think I need to do something with that glorious warm-hues Wylie palette!