Body Pampering S.O.S treats.

Scaly winter skin be gone! Spring is actually just around the corner (kinda) , so we need to start thinking about preening it back into some kind of reasonable and show-worthy condition.

I am one for being a realllllly bad ‘winter skin hideaway’….My toenails keep their polish on for months, the legs may get a bit hairy and I can’t be ARSED to even moisturise my skin. Honestly when I get out of the shower in the cold winter months the last thing I want to do it stand around in my smalls and slather cold lotion all over myself…I just want to get warm and get clothed. That’s my reality.

However, my honeymoon is only a couple of months away and I need to get back into non-scaly skin shape so here are some of my favourite pampering body treats that I am turning to to help my skin bounce back.

Antipodes Nirvana Body Wash.* The ultimate unisex hand & body wash for your daily and nightly grooming rituals. Nice for me and the husband! This has an ultra hydrating cocktail of hibiscus flower and antibacterial harekeke oil that both cleanses and nourishes dry skin. Has a beautiful fresh fragrance of wild blackcurrant, spearmint leaf and cardamon ;  a nice kick-start in the AM. I really like fuss-free, unisex-type packaging in my bathroom (reminds me of Aesop) and the pump on this makes it really easy and quick to use.

Tata Harper Revitalising Body Oil. One of the most luxurious and nourishing body oils I have ever tried ; It REALLY nourishes the skin and you can see a visible difference in your skin’s appearance after one week or so. It helps revitalise the cell membranes of the skin with it’s lipid rich ingredients, increasing its elasticity and it also helps restore and regenerate dehydrated and nutrient deficient skin. Contains a huge bunch of organic oils, yet doesn’t leave the skin greasy. A hefty price tag but a good investment when nothing else is seeming to nourish your body.

Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub. This zingy scrub combines amino acid hydration technology with extract of peppermint, bamboo and pumice to gently exfoliate, purify and ph balance all skin types. Bamboo and pumice shed dead skin, stimulate cells renewal and soothe without irritation, drying or stripping skin. I like that this scrub has a slight foaming action to it, it applies really nicely onto the skin and isn’t too abrasive or harsh.

Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream.* This is a really good all-rounder for the body ; I like to layer this OVER the Tata Harper body oil once a week for a really intense mask-like treatment. Nutrient-rich avocado oil delivers an immediate boost of abundant skin nutrients to dry, tired and stressed skin. Summer berry fruits combine with South Pacific hibiscus flower to give a delicate and soft fragrance. This velvety cream will leave your skin dewy and fragrant, and free from oily residue.

What are your favourite body treatments when your body is in need of some TLC?