The Budget VS High End Face (£70 vs £500)

So much dupe debate has been going on. I’m not one for buying many ‘dupes’ as such < by that I mean blatant copies or direct rip-off’s of a product. BUT I do love budget makeup….. does that makes sense? < like I prefer the Makeup Revolution items that aren’t trying to be a Too Faced Chocolate bar, I just prefer when they make their own, usual lines and come up with original ideas. Ya with me?!

I have some amazing, affordable makeup in my arsenal of things. I was having a clear out the other day and starting thinking about the (often ludicrous) prices of some of the makeup I have……and I wonder if it makes *that* much difference...and here we are.

12 Budget makeup items used = £70.24

12 High end makeup items used =  £450

I used like-for-like products as much as I could and found some pretty good *dupes* on my journey! High end brands include Tom Ford, By Terry & Hourglass, the budgets include the usual suspects such as MUA, NYX, Makeup Rev & Maybelline.

I applied the makeup on one side using the budget and on the other using all the high end makeup, so all the photos here I have ‘one sided makeup.’

I thought it would be fun to open the jury to you, my readers, to see if you can guess which side is which.

So have a little look – and let me know which one you think is which. Leave your comments down below. I will be reveal in my next post which side is which and a break down of the products I used. There will also be some good budget *dupes* of some high end products in this post!

Pssssst On one side I’m wearing a £110 foundation ; the other a £10 one.