KIKO Milano launches ‘The Mask Parade’

Sheet masks are EVERYWHERE at the moment and I am not even remotely bored of them yet. Originally stemming from the asian beauty markets, these pre-saturated sheets are a win with consumers as they are quick, easy and effective.

KIKO Milano have jumped on the asian beauty wagon and have recently launched a wave of different sheet masks : The MASK PARADE Collection.

They have 14 different sheet masks, with something for every skin concern and need whether you need to wind down after a tough day, brighten your skin, re-inject with hydration, prep your skin before makeup or de-puff those eye bags. I think my favourite I have tried so far are the ‘Zoomania’ hydrating masks which come with 4 different animal faces you can choose from: perfect for selfies and scaring the LIFE out of your partner.

I am donning the Cat sheet mask below, as you can see it’s equally terrifying as it is hilarious. Besides from being fun to apply and to look at….and it making me look more like a melted welly than a cat… it’s actually a really good mask ; pre-soaked with a hydrating serum-like gel that left my skin nourished, drenched with hydration and plump. I’ve also tried the hydrogel eye patches and these were really rather good too, and such reasonable prices. I think another reason why they are very popular, is that they tend to come in individual packets which makes them perfect for travel and it’s a good way to see if you get on with them / which formula you like, before you indulge in more.

The KIKO Mask Parade sheet masks cost £3.90 or £4.90 and are available now in KIKO Milano shops and online, where they have a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment I have just spied.

Have you tried any sheet masks yet? Which are your favourites?