Easy Protection : The BEST SPF Body Sprays For All Budgets.

I know, I KNOW, the weather outside has dropped in temperature quite considerably here in the UK after our scorchio heatwave of weeks past. HOWEVER, it’s not a time to banish our higher SPF / sun protection to the back of the cupboard *quite* yet : we are still having warmer days, sun and the potential to burn our skin. Perhaps you are going on your summer holiday soon and are in the market for a new SPF for the body? Look no further as I have you covered for all budgets and types…

Sun protection is one of those things : we all KNOW we should be using it every day, all year round but how many of us really do it thoroughly? I know I am terrible for remembering to apply it, unless the sun is beaming down and I’m basically sunbathing. SPF / Sun protection will prevent (hopefully) both UVA and UVB sun rays to prevent damage, and worse to our skin.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, which lead to premature ageing and photo-damage. They can also suppress out immune system.

UVB rays don’t penetrate as deep as UVA but they will damage and burn the superficial / upper layers of the skin. This plays a key role in the development of skin cancer.

A word about SPFLOTS of people think this is the *protective ingredient* and the thing that actually protects the skin, IT’S NOT. SPF is simply the measurement TEST of sun protection effectiveness and thus it is given a rating (30/20/50 etc).

SPF and Sun Protection body sprays have been my go-to for a few years now…they are just quicker to apply and they just don’t cause as much fuss and mess as the pour out lotions, oils and AOB. A few (ok a lot) of squitzes and a good rub, and you are done for a few hours. I tend to have a selection of protection types, even when on holiday as I tend to go lower towards the end of holiday or towards the end of summer when my skin is more tanned. I don’t go lower than a SPF20 for the body or a SPF30 for my face.

My go-to body SPF sprays this summer:

Hawaiian Tropic…..ahhh that smell. That wonderful smell of beaches, coconuts and all things holiday. Probably one of the sun care ranges that is THE most well-known and accessible and it’s affordable. I love their body oils and the Protective Dry Oil Body Spray SPF20 (£6.50) is one that I tend to always have on holiday for the last couple of days, when my melanin is higher, or the temperature has dropped and I don’t need my 50. I personally wouldn’t use this on my more sensitive areas such as my chest, face and shoulders, but it’s great for my legs and arms.

The NUXE Face and Body Sun Spray SPF20 (£18.50) is a non-oily spray on milk. Lovely and lightweight, water-resistant AND you can also use this on your face if you wish. I prefer this on warmer days here in the UK as oils under, or in combination with clothes doesn’t feel quite right. Sinks in immediately and contains wonderful flower waters that not only soothe the skin, but also smell beautiful.

The Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50 spray is THE ONE for sensitive skin. This formula not only protects but also stimulates your skin’s natural protection. Bioderma use a patented formula, Cellular Bioprotection found in ALL of their sun care, which protects the skin cells and DNA. Dermatologist recommend this range which speaks volumes. I think this is one of the best protections for sun-intolerant, sensitive skins and great for fair skin prone to burning.

If cutting-edge protection is your thing then look into the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Protective Silky body Mist. This is a range that I have been using for many years with great results. They do not use the SPF as we all know and love which is why it can be quite confusing ; it is full sun protection they just have their own method of rating the level of protection by the sun you will be exposed to : with 1 sun (mild sun), 2 sun (moderate sun) and 3 sun (sun, sea and tropics). Their lastest addition to their comprehendible sun care range is the protective silky body mists which have a triple action: protects against the sun (UVA/UVB), optimises natural tanning by stimulating the melanin in your skin AND preserves the quality of skin in the sun. VERY FANCY and definitely read into this more if it interests you as like I said, it works in a slightly different way to your normal *SPFs*.

What sun protection products have you been loving this summer? Have you tried any of these brands? Tell me your favourite way to apply as I am all about that body spray at the moment.