New Launch | This Works ENERGY BANK

A lively leap into sunny spring (erm have you looked outside today British pals..) with this brand new collection from This Works. If you haven’t heard of or tried This Works…erm where have you been?! It’s a gorgeous aromatherapy-inspired range that is based around trouble-shooting and targeted skincare treatments that do really work and all smell addictive.

I have used a handful of their products, including the best-selling and wonderful deep sleep pillow spray, which I can now confirm after only trying it last week, REALLY WORKS and I now cannot live without. Not only are they effective, but the products are luxurious, beautifully-packaged and natural.

The Energy Bank* range is as it sounds, a mood-lifting, energy-inspiring and is all about supercharging your day. Keynotes of geranium, ylang ylang & rosemary enliven your energy, lift your spirits and focus the mind. Perfect for hectic lifestyles, city-living and busy diaries. It will launch with a handful of products and I really think there is something for everyone. I already have a few firm favourites and it’s not long until it launches into stores so you can try for yourself.

Sun Flash Facial (£28)

This is going to be a winner for the summer. A bronze-coloured skin tint that is enriched with vitamins & hyaluronic acid to plump and give the skin. I already have and use the This Works ‘Perfect Look Skin Miracle’ (summer /holiday hero product) and the difference is that the Sun Flash is more bronze. It can be worn under or over makeup or just on it’s own if you were blessed with model’s skin. Looks a little scary intially, but it easily blends into the skin to leave a lovely subtle hint of colour.
TIP: This can also be used when you need your base to be a little warmer (holidays/fake tanning etc) ; add a dollop into your product and hey presto, a deeper shade of foundation.

Body Makeover (£32)

They do a few different leg oils already. This new one contains 16 essential oils to deeply nourish, brighten the skin, improve the skintone and rebalance. This is for use ALL OVER the body as opposed to just legs, and it a quickly-absorbing treatment that is great for prepping your skin to look it’s best. Not just for nourishing, but for long-term benefits too. I think I will use this as a once a week deep treatment and will be perfect for holidays and prepping for holidays to rid the winter scaly skin! Obviously smells glorious with essential oils including Rosehip, Jojoba, Passion Flower Seed, Almond oil, Coconut, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli.

 Tinted Lips (£15)

An easy-to-wear, fuss-free tinted lip balm. No fragrance or nasties, just a super natural slick of natural rosey colour and hydration. One colour suits all and it just enhances your natural lip colour.

Hand Makeover (£25)
This is a super quick-absorbing hand treatment that not only hydrates the hands instantly, but it also contains soft-focus pigments to make the hands look more youthful and bright in one swipe. Sounds bizarre but you really have to try it and see for yourself. Gives hands an instant 10-years younger makeover!

Shower Gel (£16)

A zingy, aromatic burst of fragrance infused with hydrating oils and other skin-loving ingredients. This wash is sulphate-free so doesn’t foam up loads, but enough to leave you feeling gorgeous, fresh, clean and supercharged for the day ahead. Definately one for the sluggish mornings to give you a touch of morning glory (!)

Breathe In (£18)

An unlikley favourite but I REALLY like this product. I am massively into my aromatherapy products and I know they work for me. I have a few of these rollerball type things I carry around in my bag and use before I go to sleep, I would always rather turn to aromatherapy as a first option as opposed to pills. This one is what you need to apply in the day to enliven senses and give you a second wind. I roll it onto my inner wrists and give it a good sniff every now and then to take in the aroma.

All this goodness launches nationwide on the 8th April in stores and online. Have you got any This Works favourites?