Models Own | Sweet Shop Collection

The new launch from nail supremos Models Own see’s 5 nail polishes inspired by our favourite childhood candies. The shades from reflect the name and also the fragrance, which you can smell once the polishes have dried. I have been wearing ‘Pear Drops’ which is coral tone shot through with teeny glitter particles. It wears pretty well even without a topcoat, but if you add a bit of the HyperGel topcoat over it will lock the colour on a lot better and give extended wear. For me, I wouldn’t buy a nail polish specifically for the smell, it’s all about the colour, so this is just an added extra, but I’m sure some nail fanatics will want these in their collection due to the candy smells!

Pear Drops: A vibrant coral scented with pear drops

Fizzy Cola Bottles: A neutral and chic beige-brown scented with cola

Rhubarb & Custard: A dark red scented with the all-time classic!

Liquorice Allsorts: Opaque black scented with liquorice

Gumballs: A hot pink scented with bubblegum

 These 5 shades have just launched on and are also in Superdrug priced at £5.