Laura Gellar Makeup : First Try & Impressions.

A brand that I had heard SO much about over the years, but just never got round to trying. I remember seeing it on QVC many, many years ago and Laura herself was on there demo-ing and gushing about this mysterious ‘spackle powder’ and I will never forget her enthusiasm she had and being drawn into how this seemingly magical powder worked.

WHO is she?!

Laura Gellar is a makeup artist who was working on broadway and with celebrities in the 1980’s and onwards. Her passion in product led her to launch her own brand, over 20 years ago on QVC. The brand is also now sold on LookFantastic, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, Debenham’s and House of Fraser amongst others.

What are her cult product/s?

It has to be *that* spackle primer and her signature baked powders. She does baked foundations, brightening powders and setting powders all tailored towards the person who wants easy, mistake-proof makeup application. We all know how much easier it is can be to swish on a powder rather than having to spend time dabbing a blending away a liquid base formula.

My Thoughts.

I have been trying out her baked gelato highlighters, a couple of lip glosses and one of these multi-pigment foundation powders I have been intrigued about for so many years.

The Diamond Dust Baked Gelato It’s literally one of the best in my collection at the moment…I am LOVING this shade so much as it’s quite a pink-based highlight and gives a really beautiful ethereal finish. The payoff is incredible, I like that it’s a reasonably small size, so you can actually finish it within this decade if you get bored of the colour AND it’s also a little bit special worn on the eyes too. Will 100% be investing in more shades of these.

The Color Luster lip glosses have a lovely hit of pigment and a good colour payoff. They have a creamy formula rather than high-gloss-sheer-colour and are perfect for those who don’t want *that* super sticky and high shine finish.

As they are a slightly thicker gloss, I find they have a longer and more moisturising wear than your typical gloss and they have a really comfortable and buttery finish. The barbie-pink shade ‘Berry Smoothie’ is currently my jam.

The Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation is definitely a foundation to look at if you aren’t a ‘makeup person’, don’t want to worry too much about blending and faffing OR if you simply want a foundation that takes about 0.0004 seconds to apply. Laura Gellar is EASY makeup and this product reflects everything about this. The baked formulas gives a really natural finish and the multi-shades you can see in the powder are a perfect blend of multi-pigments that help to correct and brighten the skin. To use this type of foundation, simply swish in a powder brush and apply in circular buffing motions all over the face, paying particular attention to areas of redness.

I’m currently donning shade ‘Medium’ in the foundation which would be right for you if you are around a MAC NC/W 37-40, NARS Vallauris / Barcelona or a Laura Mercier Sand Tinted moisturiser.

My first dip into the Laura Gellar brand has been nothing but positive and I’m really excited to try more. My shopping list is getting bigger and includes more Gellato highlighters….obviously the Gilded Honey and I also love the look of the Spackle Makeup Primer.

Let this newbie know if there are any more must-try products!