The new PIXI Ultra Rose-Infused Skintreats Set.

PIXI Ultra Rose Infused Skintreats Set

Oh hello cute, pink travel bag. How you doing? This is new from PIXI and is your ultimate beauty travelling companion. Say hello to the Ultra Luxe Rose-Infused Skintreats Set. It comes packed with 5 of the bestselling Rose skincare products from PIXI and is ideal for holidays, beauty storage, weekends away or just to sit and look pretty.

The travel bag is my kinda vibe for travelling with beauty : it’s wipeable, it’s BIG, it has compartments and zips, it hangs up if you so wish and it’s pink. Herman approved too (that will be confusing until you glance at the photos). The nifty coat hanger style attachment (rose gold natch) is perfect for when you are on holiday or just want to space save at home as you can hang it up for easy access and storage. I used to have similar in my makeup kit and use it for skincare and odds and sods and it was super handy when you haven’t got much room but want to see and use the products inside readily. I have extra skincare packed into mine, but this bag would 100% carry all of your skincare and bath/body and/or makeup depending on how much makeup girlfriend likes to take on holiday.

PIXI Ultra Rose Infused Skintreats Set travel bag

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Rose in skincare

It’s quite a common skincare ingredient, one that I seem to be drawn to so WHY is Rose used so frequently in our favourite face potions?..

There are different parts of the rose flower that are used. Rosehip oil (one of my favourites!) is derived from the fruit of the rose flower. It is packed to the brim with vitamins, including A, C, D and E and fatty acids. This results in your skin appearing more smooth, plump, bright, protect and it’s also great for scarring and blemishes. Rose oil (which is extracted from the petals of the rose) soothes and balances your skin : so perfect if you have sensitive skin, redness and/ or dryness. Rosewater refreshes and revitalises the skin and is also a naturally astringent so has toning properties. Aside from all these benefits, you also have the aromatic aspect….the glorious smell of the rose. This in itself is therapeutic and invigorates the senses and the mind.

So what products comes within the travel set? You get a Rose Cream Cleanser, Rose Tonic, Rose Caviar Essence, Rose Ceramide Cream, Rose Oil Blend. All full-size.

The 5 products within COVER all bases : This is your entire regime. I have used all of these products and they are really good, I would say particularly good if you are sensitive, dry to normal skin. The Rose Caviar Essence is your serum, the Ceramide Cream is your moisturiser and then whack on that amazing oil at night! I have talked about the essence HERE before if you want more info and also the PIXI Rose Oil Blend here.  The PIXI Ultra Luxe Rose-Infused Skintreats Set costs £90 for the 5 products and this gives you a great saving of £22. (PLEASE NOTE : It doesn’t contain ALL the products I have in my photos! I’m an extra PIXI gal so I have more k k). Still a great bargain, particularly if you are a PIXI fan and already use some of these products.

What do you think of this travel set? Something you would use for travel or even storage?

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