Rose Skincare : 3 Soothing Treats To Try From PIXI.

Rose is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, it has aromatherapy properties, it looks pretty (does that count?), it smells amazing and I find rose in general very therapeutic and soothing. Rose contains high levels of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant, therefore anti-ageing and rosehip seed oil is one of the best oils for problematic, oily and breakout skins. It’s truly one of nature’s wonder ingredients.

PIXI do rose skincare well. They have pretty much a whole range of rose-skincare and I am here for it in every way. Ok beside the fact that it is pastel pink and looks too pretty, it is actually a really nice, well-rounded range of skincare that pretty much works on ALL skin types, isn’t a bank-breaker and if you select your skincare bits cleverly, you only need a handful of products for a decent routine. Here are a few of my favourite rose-based treats from PIXI…

The Rose Tonic is a good alternative to their skincare-star, the Glow Tonic if you simply want something that isn’t exfoliating or acid based. The Rose Tonic is all about calming, rehydrating, soothing and minimising flare ups. Definitely an option if you are more sensitive, dry or dehydrated, or like me, suffering from a lil’ bit of crazy-ass hormonal skin. I also love the fact that they do diddy sizes of the tonics (100ml /£10) and the glow tonic even down to an even diddier size (15ml / £5) so you can give them a good few weeks to try to decide which one (probably both!) is good for you.

If you want something lightweight, and to instantly perk-up tired and fatigued skin, then look no further than the clever Rose Flash Balm. This is an oil-free gel-serum that can be used under or over your skincare to refresh and re-hydrate the skin ; simply pat it into the skin (no need to rub, it will absorb in super quick) and job done. If you are oily then you can absolutely use this as a serum/primer/solo if you like that really minimal feel and fuss. I am loving this for travel and handbag at the moment, as my skin is a little drier than usual.

The newest to my PIXI skincare stash is the Rose Oil Blend which has been on my wish list for maybe 2 years now. This is a luxury, rich and nourishing oil that is formulated with rosehip, sweet almond, pomegranate seed and rose geranium oils. It can be used both AM and PM which is what I am needing at the moment, and it can be used under your serum/moist, mixed in to your moisturiser and I sometimes tap a little over the top of my skincare to give added radiance and faux glow before my makeup gets trowelled on. It honestly gives such a wonderful glow if you dab it on the cheekbones. I am really happy with this oil and the long old wait was very much worth it ; it’s currently one of my most-used skincare products.

Next on my PIXI skincare rose wish list is definitely the Rose Glow Mist and I’ve just spotted the Rose Ceramide Cream on their website which I literally may have to go and buy this week. Due to pregnancy, as I keep harping on about, my skin is a little crazy, inflamed and unpredictable and this sounds like a perfect skin saviour for me right now! I may also *really* like the rose illustrations on the packaging. I’m so shallow.

Do check out the PIXI skincare ranges, they are bringing new things out by the month and I am finding their launches and products really exciting, affordable and no-faff.