The Seasonal Fragrance Edit.

It’s not just skincare that needs shaking up this time of year, I always seem to start wearing slightly different scents, or at least adding some into my favourites for the winter season. I still do use my more fresher lighter scents, don’t get me wrong, if I like something it’s staying with me all-year-round, but the muskier, warmer smells seem so much more apt with the darker evenings, colder weather and knitwear fashion vibes. I think fragrance is something you also apply to ‘finish’ an outfit, hence why I have a bit of a wardrobe of scents, and will never wear the same one day-in day-out. Here is a selection of my current go-to’s.

Byredo Mojave GhostI have only recently discovered the Fragrance brand Byredo and I initially got enticed by their glorious candles, and have more recently invested into their perfumes (it’s an expensive habit!). Not only do I love the simplicity of the clean and unisex-looking bottles, but the unusual names and scents really intrigue me and to be honest, 80% of the Byredo perfumes I have smelt, I would wear. What drew me to ‘Mojave Ghost’ was the name….I went to the Mojave Desert on my wonderful honeymoon bonanza trip to America’s west coast and this is what this scent is based on : Blooms that dare to blossom in the wilderness of the desert. It’s musky, woody without being over-powering and for me, a perfect winter daytime fragrance.

Serge Lutens Un Bois De Vanille. This is the sweetest scent that I own and wear as I’m not normally one for these type of fragrances however this vanilla scent is blended with tonka bean, coconut wax & sandalwood and it just works. It’s a very creamy kind of smell, and one that I wear more in the daytime and I use it sparingly so it’s not too overpowering. The scent of vanilla is known as being one of the most alluring and enticing and is known as an aphrodisiac. I must say, this is the fragrance that I wear and ALWAYS get compliments from men on. Single girls ya heard!

L’Artisan Nuit De Tubereuse. This is quite a unique fragrance…and I mean that because no one I know wears it, no one I have met has been wearing it and it’s probably not a fragrance that everyone would wear. I love Tuberose, and I was initially enticed by it by Diptyque Do’son which is one of my go-to Spring-Summer scents and have been wearing this for years, however the L’Artisan Nuit De Tubereuse is a lot stronger, muskier and grown up : A definite evening scent for strong floral lovers, and it still has that lovely warm and musky undertone. It’s quite a heady scent which is why I tend to reach for this on a dark, wintery night out. Key notes: Tuberose, Green Mango & Sandalwood.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer.This is a perfect fresh everyday kinda scent. I don’t know about you but I was (and still kinda am..) absolutely OBSESSED with the SJP Lovely when it launched….ooh maybe like 12 + years ago. I don’t mean how the majority of You Tubers say ‘obsessed’..I mean I really genuinely was….snigger and side eye. The ‘sheer’ version is really subtle, sparkling and just a super-easy on to grab and spray wherever you are going. It’s not too strong and this is why it’s perfect for everyday. Key notes include : Orange, Blonde Woods, Amber Crystals, Musk and Vetiver. This is also the more affordable/budget out of my winter scents which is probably why I am wearing this pretty much daily.

Do you switch up your perfumes season-to-season? What are you liking at the moment?