Crownbrush *NEW* Starter Collection Brush Set.

This is a brand new brush set from Crownbrush which is the perfect starter kit for budding makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts and beauty addicts alike. I introduce to you the 626 set …

It contains 11 makeup brushes of all different shapes and sizes and comes with this super-handy leatherine brush wrap to keep the brushes protected, clean and easy to carry /store. All the brushes have a matte black handle with silver ferrule and they are very *MAC-like* in look. The brush hairs are a mix of synthetic, duo fibre and natural and the price is pretty outstanding at just £39.99 (I have a great handful of SINGLE brushes that cost more than this whole set!) Before I saw the price on this I was expecting it at around £60…it really is a great deal, especially as lot of these brushes are natural hair too.

All the makeup brushes in this set are as follows:

Duo Fibre large face brush: This is a blend of goat & synthetic hair and can be used with liquid, cream and powder. I prefer using these kind of brushes for foundation and cream.

[A dupe of MAC 187 | Laura Mercier finishing face brush]

Large powder dome brush: Face brush made from natural goat hair. Great for bronzer, foundation powder and setting powders,

Small powder brush: Natural hairs and this brush is ideal for blusher and highlighter.

Angle brush: Natural goat brush that is good for blusher and contour. I love this for contouring personally as the shape is perfect and it doesn’t dump too much powder on the face. 

[Dupe for the MAC 168 brush]

Pointed Flat foundation brush: Typical foundation brush : synthetic hairs which are super soft which make it good for applying liquid or cream foundation. I often use these flat foundation brushes for applying cream blusher and cream-liquid highlighter.

Small round applicator:  Synthetic hair. Multiple uses including cream eyeshadows, eye primer and concealer.

[Dupe for the NARS flat concealer brush | MAC 195 brush]

Pro blending crease: Natural goat hair. This is ideal for applying powder eyeshadow, buffing and blending and also I like to use these kind of brushes for buffing in cream concealers. Gives a beautiful finish.

[Dupe for MAC 217 which is one of my favourite eye brushes ever]

Pro blending fluff: The typical and most common shape for a blending brush : natural hair makes it very soft and great for blending out crease and socket colour. The long tapered hairs on this make it soft so not for precision or applying, more for just larger areas of blending and blurring. I also like this kind of brush for applying secret brightening powder under the eyes.

[Dupe for the classic MAC 224]

 Precicion pencil: Natural goat hair, and a small tapered brush. The short hairs on this make it quite stiff so a great smudging and smoking brush. Apply eyeshadow under the eye / blend out kohl liner across the eyelid and soften edges. Product packs a punch due to the dense bristles.

[Dupe for MAC 219]

Liner brush: Pointed fine eyeliner brush for precision gel liner application.

Angle liner:  This is my favoured brushes for applying gel liner. The angle on it make it somehwhat easier to combat that perfect feline flick.

[Dupe for NARS angled eyeliner brush | MAC 266]  

My mum gave me a Crownbrush set many years ago when I was at makeup school and I still use the brushes to this day! A great gift, starter kit or addition for any makeup artist, particularly newbies.