Crownbrush : A Few of my Favourite Makeup Brushes.

Crownbrush is probably a makeup brush brand that you are all familiar with by now, they are one of the leading brands for good quality brushes at affordable prices and the selection of brushes they do is outrageous! I have used a selection of their brushes for many years now and wanted to share with you some of my favourites from over the years.

I often get asked by newbie makeup artists about what brush sets to get when starting out…Crownbrush do some great and budget-friendly sets to start you off, or like I do, just keep adding into your existing brush set. I think I have over 250 makeup brushes now and a pretty good portion of these are Crownbrush.

Italian Badger: IB102 Powder Dome & IB103 Flat bronzer are brushes I have had for EIGHT YEARS. These aren’t ones I use in my kit, these are my personal ones and I am super fond of them. Before I did my professional makeup course at Jemma Kidd way back when …2006, my mum bought me a full set of like 10 brushes in a roll, I had no idea where she got them from or if there were any good but they slowly crept into my kit and into my personal pot of brushes. It was only a few years ago, when I started getting into Crownbrush brushes that I realised that they were from them as I saw them on the website. This speaks volumes in itself I think as a) they have lasted beautifully over the years b) they are my personal brushes I use every single day!  These are both natural hair brushes (badger hair) so remember to wash and maintain them and they will last you years & years.

SYNTHO brushes*: So these are as you can maybe tell by the name, are synthetic brushes as opposed to natural hair. So 100% vegan-friendly, animal-friendly and are a great upgrade from the typical synthetic brushes we all know and I hate. Until a few years ago, synthetic brushes were just things you wouldn’t go near unless it was a lip /foundation or concealer brush. Nowadays the quality and softness of synthetic hair is so much better, which is why we have brands such as crownbrush, Illamasqua, Hourglass and Becca are using ranges of purely synthetic brushes.

SS021 & SS207 – Blending brushes. I wish I could be more interesting with these but I just love both the blending crease and blending fluff as just straight-up concealer brushes. I find the typical flat, foundation type of concealer brushes a bit cumbersome to apply concealer and blend so I pretty much always use something like a blending brush now for concealer. It buffs concealer into the skin better and gives a more natural /skin-like finish. On blemishes, under the eyes, over larger areas of redness, these two syntho brushes are absolutely perfect for concealer.

SS025 brow duo. This is just a really handy dual-ended brush and is all you will really need for applying powder/wax to shape and perfect the brows . The angled brush end is nice, sharp and precise and gives a great finish on unruly and wild brows.

SS024 Precision powder. This powder brush has a slight tapered point to it and I love it for applying my MAC mineral skin finishes or bronzer to the face. It is super soft and is one of the best synthetic powders I have used. A kit must-have for me.

Infinity brushes*: These, again again a synthetic range of brushes from Crownbrush. The ones I have are all duo-fibre which means they have two different textures of hair which is slightly finer and softer at the top for a easy and natural application. These were created for flawless precision and HD makeup work.  I also really like these 3 brushes as I don’t have anything else quite like them in my huge collection of brushes. They have quite a thick matte black handle and look and feel very similar to MAC makeup brushes but a 1/3 of the price. The ones I have from the Infinity range, to me are probably more of a pro-range….I kind of hate that saying as it hints at ‘us not you’  but but that I mean, I would probably not have loads of use for these unless I was either a professional makeup artist or a serious makeup enthusiast as they are quite specific.

 C456 Pointed blender. This I have been using as a mini foundation brush. It’s not for a full-face application of medium-full coverage foundation (it’s too small, will take ages) but it’s really great when I get a model who needs minimal foundation, just a touch here and there OR when I need to conceal a big area on the face or body it can also act as a jumbo concealer brush.

 C457 Round blender. Again this is an oversized brush, so I have been using this for more creative eye looks and designs, where a lot of colour can be applied and blended outwards. I don’t have any brush remotely similar to this so this went straight into my pro brush set.

C455 Flat top blender. This is a smaller version of the MAC 130 which I also have. It is multi-purpose and can be used for blending and applying powders and creams and also great for blotting and setting smaller areas with powder. I have been using this for a precision blotting brush to reduce shine around the nose /chin / above the brows and forehead. Great when you don’t too much shine on a model / client’s skin but don’t want an-all over powder finish on the face.

So those are my favourite crown brushes for my kit (or for me) at the moment. Do you have any of these brushes or have you tried any Crownbrush? I am also trying out a new brush set from so I will let you know how I get on with these.