The NEW Nurti-Define Skincare Range from Jurlique.

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The most advanced and anti-ageing range from Jurlique launched recently : say g’day mate to the Nutri-Define range. Updated and reformulated, This promises to rejuvenate, brighten and firm the skin, so let’s delve in it and see what it’s all about.

Firstly : Jurlique. You’ve heard of them right?! They do that incredible rose range and *that* hand cream that we all know and love. However, their skincare is also pretty incredible and I first starting using the infamous Herbal Recovery Range when I worked at Space NK back in ooooo maybe 07′?! They are Australian, they are all about growing as much of their ingredients themselves on their organic ‘Jurlique’ farms and even all the ingredients are still hand-harvested. There is a big brand focus on healing herbs, connecting back to nature and sustainability.

The Jurlique Nutri-Define range currently contains 6 products (I have 3) ; a cleanser, a serum, an eye cream, a lotion and 2 creams. I have started using the serum, which I have only been using around a week so first impressions. The other products is just an overview and introduction as they are in line for my to-try-next!

The two key ingredients in the Nutri-Define range are Spilanthes Flower and Horseradish Root extract which both hold a wealth of naturally rejuvenating properties. Both are grown at the Jurlique farm with the Spilanthes Flower only being harvested on days when the moon passes through the air + moon signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Flowers really thrive during these times which is something I 100% had never heard of before! Spilanthes Flower extract has been scientifically proven to increase the skin’s collagen production.

These two key ingredients are also combined with the ‘Jurlique signature blend’ of Rose, Marshmallow, Calendula and Lavender = dreamy!

jurlique nutri define supreme skincare range anti ageing

Nutri-Define Supreme Rejuvenating Serum (£86)

Clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, this is arguably *the* most anti-ageing product that Jurlique currently do. It’s a concentrate of actives and botanicals and promises to smooth and re-densify the skin. This is suitable for all skin types, it’s a very light silky gel in texture and feel, it absorbs quickly as a typical serum. I would say possibly targeted towards skin slightly more aged than mine *although* I do have define visible wrinkles across my forehead at the moment (lack of lockdown botox) so it would be interesting to see if tackles this in any way, shape or form.

This serum contains the key ingredients of Spilanthes extract that helps collagen production and to balance oil/soothe…horseradish extract which helps with the skin’s firmness and Snowflake extracts (I feel seen) to help tackle signs of ageing. There is a fancy-sounding thing called the Biosome6 technology present in all the products which is a special delivery system of key ingredients deep down into the skin and cells.

I am using this just in the day at the moment, as I like an oil at night, but this can be used both as your AM and PM treatment serum.

jurlique nutri define supreme rejuvenating serum

Nutri-Define Supreme Restorative Light Cream (£75).

They do two formulas of the nutri-define face cream which I think is a great shout. Often a lot of the more anti-ageing creams seem to be very rich and balmy so it’s nice to have the option for us oilier skinned crew! I have the ‘light version’ ; the texture of this one still feels nice and cream-like (nowhere near a gel) but absorbs into the skin really quickly with little residue. I would say this would be your summer cream even if you are normal-dry and all-year-round for oily-combination.

The Nutri-Define Supreme Restorative Light Cream contains a Biosome6 technology that promises to restore youth to the skin. This cream is all about rejuvenating the skin, plumping and renewing radiance and glow. It also contains the same two ingredients as in the whole range : Spilanthes extract and horseradish extract.

jurlique nutri define supreme restorative light cream

Nutri-Define Supreme Eye Contour balm (£52).

This rich and nourishing eye balm is for targeting deep wrinkles around the eyes. It contains Alfafa seed extract and Lupine protein within the Biosome6 blend as mentioned in the other products from the nutri-define range. This eye cream not only will help with the wrinkles, but also will target puffiness dull-looking skin around the eyes.

This comes with one of those metal applicators which I actually really like. I don’t use them everyday but when I have a little more time, maybe once a week, they are great to give yourself a quick eye and lymphatic drainage massage whilst applying the eye cream. Super cooling and relaxing too, so great if you have had a bad night’s sleep or are feeling tired and puffy.

Jurlique nutri define supreme eye contour balm

The Jurlique Nutri-Define range is their most advanced and ‘anti-ageing’ so opt for this if you have concerns such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and lustre. Perhaps your 40+ kinda range although that’s also very dependant on the condition of your skin.

They also do some other fabulous ranges, as I’ve mentioned the Herbal Recovery Range has been around for a long time, although now re-formulated but that has always been a go-to for me and ROSE…….anything rose by Jurlique seems to be incredible (I was only recently chatting about their new limited edition rose products right here!)

Have you tried any of the skincare ranges from Jurlique? 

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