Clever Skincare | NIOD multi-molecular hyaluronic complex.

NIOD skincare is yet another skincare range that falls under the somewhat HUGE umbrella of the DECIEM range. I have heard so much (99% good) things about NIOD so was super happy to finally try some. I started with something from their ‘core’ range (that everyone needs and can use) and something that I knew I would love : The Multi-molecular Hyaluronic Complex

I use hyaluronic pretty much daily in some form, it’s in most of the serums I use and my skin absolutely drinks it up. I’m sure you know, but if you don’t ; HYALURONIC ACID has a great capacity to attract enormous amounts of moisture to the skin. It is plumping, renewing and anti-ageing. It’s suitable for all skintypes including the super sensitive, acne-prone and oily  and it’s extraordinarily beneficial for ALL SKINS. In short, everyone needs hyaluronic in their skincare.

The NIOD complex is a very advanced and quite frankly, amazing, hyaluronic-based serum that contains no less then 12 forms of hyaluronic acid to work in a 12-pronged attack on the skin (I never even KNEW there were 12 types?!). It is probably one of the best and most advanced hyaluronic serum I have personally used and that’s going up against the big guns and some that cost £300 +. To my next point : This costs just £25. It’s not fancy or frilly but it has the goods and doesn’t have any unnecessary fillers. I am really impressed with my first NIOD product and I kind of knew I would be as it stems from DECIEM.

If you like your skincare, are savvy with ingredients, are a little over the huge-claims of the big brands and aren’t fussed about fancy packaging…..hit up NIOD. This complex is alcohol free, silicone free, vegan and cruelty free. Available at John Bell & Croydon to purchase.