Summer Skin : The Best Lightweight Foundations with Good Coverage.

Not ALL of us can wear that BB cream and have flawless skin huns.
As the heat increases, it’s a good idea to switch up both your skincare and makeup routine to adjust to your skin’s needs. If you want that bare skin feel BUT still want a flawless coverage then a lightweight fluid foundation could be the option for you.

These foundations are all oil-free. A note on oil-free foundation formulas : they don’t have to be for oily skin. Most will use a gel or water base that will still hydrate the skin, and without the oil they are more versatile in terms of what kind of skin they will suit. They are more often than not better on a problematic and sensitive skin. In more humid conditions and summer, our skin will generally produce more oil anyway which is why it’s often a good option to go oil-free during this time of year.

I think because I have oily skin, and used to have awful acne, I *had* to drown myself in heavy foundations in my teenage years to try an cover my skin. Because of this I despise that feeling of heavy makeup on my face as it kind of reminds me of the dark times, makes me feel a bit dirty and even oilier. I love my skin to feel fresh, yet I still do need the coverage when occasion calls for it so I have whittled down some of the BEST lightweight-yet-good-coverage foundation for your perusal.

THE BEST FOR OILY SKIN: *whispers* I’m not a HUGE fan of NARS foundations (Sheer glow is not great on me, the newest radiant long wear is TERRIBLE on my skin) BUT the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is  an winner and one that I get on really well with. It gives a full, yet natural coverage that promises a 16-hour wear. It is a very light fluid in feel, yet super pigmented so you don’t need much for a decent coverage. Oil-free.

THE BEST FOR TIRED / DULL SKIN: The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is one that I always have in my stash and have done since it’s launch a few years ago. This cream formula offers a medium-full coverage with an oil-free formula. It contains coconut water gently hydrates the skin, and hyaluronic acid plumps and smoothes. It also comes in a whopping 24 shades. Pssst I’ve heard that they are about to being this foundation out in a ‘super coverage’ version which I am really looking forward to trying out.

THE BEST FOR PROBLEMATIC & SENSITIVE SKIN: Bareminerals Barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is probably one that feels the freshest on your skin. This cream formula has a natural-matte finish, a full coverage with a breathable feel and it has blurring pigments to smooth the skin. It is  heat, humidity, sweat and water resistant so a great one to try for summer time if you want flawless coverage without the feel.  Also contains SPF20. Comes in 30 wearable shades. Peep my full review here.

THE BEST FOR ANY SKIN: I haven’t tried any other Urban Decay foundations, I hear the All-Nighter is really rather very good, but I am still cheering for the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Foundation. This is a really good all-rounder that I think works on all skin types. It gives a great coverage if you build it up, and the finish has a touch of luminosity so your skin looks healthy, radiant and smooth. It is an oil-free formulas and also contains a handful of anti-ageing and brightening ingredients.

BEST FOR RADIANCE & OLDER SKINS: A makeup artist favourite and a great base if you want a lovely glowing finish hand-in-hand with an oil-free formula is the Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup. This is a concentrated foundation powered by an anti-ageing complex that protects the skin, smooths and brightens. It is an amazing foundation for an older skin as sometimes matte finishes aren’t that flattering, and this makes you look rested and healthy in a flash of a makeup brush. My only gripe with this foundation is the shade range as even the paler shades are super dark and I’m the second palest shade in this whereas normally I would sit in the middle of the spectrum. Currently only 11 shades.

THE BEST ALL-ROUNDER: Last up, and the one I am wearing in my narcissistic selfies is my everyday go-to at the moment, the fabulous (& newish) Bobbi Brown Skin-Longwear Weightless Foundation. This is the newest one from foundation authorities Bobbi Brown and is their long wear (16hr) lightweight yet full coverage foundation. It has a multi-dimensional matte finish, oil-control and SPF15.  Read my in-depth review, with before and after’s right here. 30 shades.

Have you tried any of these bases? If you are on the market for a new summer foundation with a good coverage that you should absolutely check these out.