Christmas Gift Guide | Stocking Fillers & Budget Beauty | £15 & Under.


I’ve been toying with the idea of swerving the ‘Gift Guide’ thing this year as is it just me or are we being completely INUNDATED with blog posts on this topic?! Personally I am a little bit over it already. However, I don’t want to be totally BAH-HUMBUG-esque so I’ve collated something a *little* different : 3 budgets , and products that do include a few Christmas-type sets and gifts but also just lovely makeup/ beauty that are great for giving, not just at Christmas. Basically sh*t that I like.

First up the BUDGET BEAUTY gifts, all for £15 and under so great for stocking fillers, back-up gifts for those unexpected guests and perhaps secret-santa type things.

YEP! All these lovely things are under the £15 tag, and it’s actually really easy to pick up some lovely things without spending too much, that look lovely, will be well-received AND you get to save a little change for perhaps yo’self.

Candles are such a lovely gift for anytime of the year ; It’s great for people you don’t know *too* well plus WHO in their right mind doesn’t like a luxury candle?! New on my radar are the gorgeous eco-friendly candles from The Little Soap Company. These are eco-soy candles made with cotton wicks so they burn cleaner than your average candles and the essential oils within are potent and strong. I have the Rose & Geranium travel candle {£13.99} and it’s beautiful. Another big plus for me is that they are handmade & ‘homegrown’ here in the UK.

Problems with your skin? Coconut Oil. Dry, unruly hair? Coconut Oil. Healthy Cooking? Coconut Oil? Problems with your other half? COCONUT OIL. The one-pot saviour that everyone can use…for quite literally anything! My favourite brand is Sister & Co and you can either get the small size (as pictured) for just £6.96 or the larger size for £14.95.

Any girl on the go needs a Tangle Teezer {£12.49} for the handbag. What’s the difference? It’s a little more compact and has a plastic removable cover to keep it clean whilst you travel with it. Great for all hairtypes and I love the gold colour for the festive times. Need a stocking filler for that person who is tricky to buy for? Look NO further than the Faust’s Potions herbal supplement duo {£6} that contains 2 small doses : One for waking you up (great for the ol’ mulled wine hangover) and one to help you unwind and sleep (perfect for the pre-santa Christmas eve nerves).

One of my favourite beauty sets of the year is the DHC Beauty Bento Box {£13}. Hands down. It is packaged beautifully, it has some of my favourite Japanese travel beauty within : their signature cleansing oil, the blotting pads, cleansing soap AND 2 packs of moisture eye strips….for just £13! Get it before it sells out as I know a lot of places have sold out of this already.

Ok I know we are already *just* past advent calendar season, but I think they are still good pre-christmas gifts or if you are savvy, then buy a calendar, break it up and make it into smaller stocking fillers & gifts. The Dirty Works Beauty Calender {£15} is a great value set and the sizes are generous. I absolutely LOVE their micellar water and their bath & body products are really good for a high street option (you can buy Dirty Works in Sainsbury’s FYI).

Essie nail polishes {£8 ish} do lots of fancy shades and are a perfect stocking filler or small gift. I like the fact that these are now readily available at bigger Superdrug stores and the glitter effects ones are a great Christmas polish for spangly festive nails.

Another product that is not strictly *Christmas-related* but I can’t rave enough about the texture and finish of the glorious Models Own GILT Matte lipsticks {£7.99}. Plus……ROSE GOLD. You can even get 2 of these luxe lippes for under £15. Check my full review here.

We all know what my favourite budget makeup brush brand is and you can find so many different brushes for under £15 if you head over to the Crownbrush Website. A firm favourite of mine is the Pro Chisel Brush but you can buy around 3 brushes from them for under £15 if you shop clever.

Next up will be the mid-range gift-ey things, which will be £30 and under. Up Tomorrow! So check back Y’all.