4 New Cleansers I am trying out.

I think out of every item of skincare : Cleansing is just my thing. I usually have a good handful of cleansers on the go at one time :  depending on what needs removed, the time of day and how my skin is feeling. 

These cleansers are all BRAND NEW (bar the Elemental Herb one < this is just new to me) so I am giving them a once over to see how they fare and if they will make the cut to claim a place on my main bathroom shelf. Here are my initial feels.

Elemental Herbology Vital Cleanse.

This is a few years old, It’s just one of those that I’ve always wanted to try, and has been on my wish list for AGEs and I recently just took the plunge and bought one. On paper, it sounds glorious and perfect for me :  10% Manuka Honey, Vitamin C, papaya, green tea & grapefruit & malic acid. Brightening? tick. Purifying? Tick. Suitable for my combination-prone-to-breakout-skin? Tick. Full of natural ingredients? Tick. I am LOVING this cleanser and wish I had made the purchase sooner! It’s definitely an AM cleanser as not suitable for the eye area with the acids.

Harbour Elements Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm.

A completely brand new skincare range and I am always interested to try british-born and smaller brand skincare. This is a *clean* and relatively simple range designed for all skins including sensitive skin. They avoid using any irritants & allergens.

This cleanser contains Jojoba, Camellia & Avocado oils. NO essential oils (can be reactive) or fragrance < again an irritant for some skins.

It’s a simple, clean and easy cleanser. Nothing active, good for all skin types and does the job. I love the pump-action  dispenser. I love the texture which is a gel-oil-balm type thing – not dissimilar from the NUDE cleansing Jelly if you are familiar. This has been the most surprising for me as I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. Excited to try more from this brand. You can check them out here.

Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanser.

The Pre:Empt series is a new-ish and affordable range from Perricone MD that is preventative skincare :  perfect for younger skin, ANTI-ageing and your first step into Perricone MD. It is an antioxidant rich range and this Daily Foaming Cleanser is perfect to start your day and cleanse your skin without stripping. It is gentle enough to be used around the eye area, but I would not use a foaming cleanser as a makeup remover so again, this is an AM cleanser for me.

Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew  Double Cleanse.

P&M have followed hot-on-the-heels of the PIXI Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse in launching this double cleansing sytem. Perhaps it was in motion around the same time as it’s a little too close to the PIXI launch for a brand to formulate and package a new product AND get it out onto our shelves. I love and have used the PIXI one so that’s the only comparable double cleanse I know.

The Erase & Renew is really good. I like it for a lot of reasons. The step 1 (Erase) is a wonderful oil-based balm that swipes off all your makeup & sins with ease. The Step 2 (Renew) is a lighter weight illuminating gel cleanser – not dissimilar to the Oskia cleansing gel if you are familiar.

One thing I am not keen on…is the packaging. This came in a GINORMOUS BOX. Like huge. Both the cleansers are in the box and you get a lovely cleansing cloth (something that the PIXI cleanser was definitely missing!) but it could easily be packed into something smaller, less wasteful and less bulky. Some people may love the big flashy box : not for me.

Have you used any of these cleansers yet? Please let me know your thoughts? Any new cleansers that you are loving lately?