Urban Decay [Revolution lipstick & pencils]

I was invited along to the glamorous W hotel last week to have a look-see at the latest offerings from makeup brand Urban Decay. There are a lot of great things coming out, but something that caught my eye are the new Revolution lipsticks and lipliners.

 Revolution lipsticks have a tagline of  ‘creamy, badass luxury’: to be honest I liked it before I even tried it. Urban Decay have upped their lipstick game….a lot. These lipsticks are ultra creamy and buttery with a really full on pigment pay off. One swatch over the lips is enough and you won’t need to blot, re-apply to get a fuller colour, it’s already there. Obviously you still blot if you want it matte but that’s up to you.

I think one of the other key things to a great lipstick range are getting a great selection of shades…and these are really good. Lots of wearable nudes, roses but also my favourites…the brights the oranges, the reds and the dark berries. I would probably wear 10 of these shades. Normally I wear about 3 from one lipstick range as I find so many shades boringzzzzz…like 10 shades of nude.

How do they wear? 

I did a an actual experiment with like science and EVERYTHING…to see actually how long they would wear. Well, I put the lipliner and lipstick on and literally timed how long it stayed on, and took pictures during. I wore it for at least 6 hours and you can see from my duration snaps that the wear is really good. You can see towards the end it had worn off a little but still a lot of colour on my lips. I had been drinking so you can see a bit of a glass smear, but nothing a small touch-up can’t fix. Up until this point I hadn’t done anything with them at all. Great wear.

Often a long-wear lippie has awful drying effects on the lips but these feel really hydrating on the due to the infusion of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Now newer formulas of lipstick in luxury brands have become like this I would say over the last year..I have definitely noticed a surge in makeup brands bringing out this formula of lipstick…..but not for £14.

I twinned up my revolution lipstick with the 24/7 lip pencil. These have been improved and reformulated. These are really, again pigmented and super soft to apply. No dragging or scratching, just pure creamy colour. …and waterproof! I also have this in shade ‘Bang’ to match my lippie. The lipliners come in 16 shades and 6 of them are direct colour and name matches to the 6 potential best-selling lipstick shades.

A great one for makeup artists and ‘pro lipstick wearers’ is the ‘Ozone’  lipliner which is a colourless lipliner/wax that will [a] go with any lip colour [b] prevent feathering of colour.

What are we thinking??