PIXI Facial Mists : The Lowdown.

The PIXI facial mists are getting a lotta blog and social media love at the moment : but aside from them looking pretty and being a lil’ insta-friendly, WHAT do they actually do and which one (if any) do YOU need?!…

PIXI Makeup Fixing Mist.

This is as it says on the tin : a makeup setting mist to keep your face ON during the day/night. Particularly good if you like a full-on-beat face and you want to keep it looking that way. This contains Rosewater & Green Tea to comfort and soothe the skin : It simply refreshes and sets your makeup. This does contain alcohol FYI : but a makeup setting spray kinda has to to do a sufficient job.

PIXI Vitamin Wake Up Mist.

This is a toning vitamin-enriched mist that is perfect for that AM enlivening skin boost. Has a base of Orange Blossom Water (YUM!) alongside citrus extracts and lavender that tighten and pep up the skin. Anyone can use this > great for under your skincare after cleansing as a first step. Can also be worn over makeup to refresh and just make you feel lively as fu*k.

PIXI Glow Mist.

Possibly the one that may appeal to most?! Anything with the word ‘GLOW’ in the name then I am all over it like a cheap suit. This is formulated with glow-getting ingredients to brighten and refresh your skin including Aloe Vera Juice, Avocado Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Rose & Lemon Peel Oil.

PS this isn’t their Glow Tonic in a spray formula.

PIXI Hydrating Milky Mist.

A more intense hydration moisture mist that contains hyaluronic acid, black oat & provitamin A. This is ideal as your step 1 before serum moisturiser and leaves the skin with a nice layer of hydration that you can actually feel. On an oilier skin, this could be used instead of serum if you want to lighten up your routine for summer. This will also be good on a dehydrated and dry skin to apply throughout the day.

First thing I LOVE about these : The fact that they are a beautiful lightweight, even-spraying MIST. No squirting in the eye, no leaving you looking like you’ve had a quick sweat : these spray perfectly, gently and lovely on the skin…may seem like an odd thing to pick up on, but I have a *THING* with facial sprays and it irks me like hell when they do not spray finely onto the skin.

Second thing I love : The sizes. 80ml. Travel-friendly, handbag friendly and that’s what the majority of these sprays are good for : on-the-go-use, refreshing and topping up. If bottles are big and/or heavy, then they aren’t user-friendly.

Third : They are all multi-use. Pretty much. You don’t need all 4, just one that suits your skin and needs the most. All of them will refresh your makeup and hydrate lightly and all of them you can use under and/or over makeup.

I hope that makes your selection a little easier if you are thinking of picking up one of the PIXI facial mists. They also do an SPF (30 I believe) mist which I don’t have but THAT is the one that I think everyone will need this Spring into Summer.

You can check out all of these mists, and the SPF over on the PIXI Website.