Foreo UFO : The masking device de-bunked and explained.

I’m not sure about you but when I first saw the Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment I was so intrigued as what the f it was, how it actually worked and what you did with it. Was it an overpriced gimmick or did I need this space-ship looking device on my bathroom shelfie pronto?!…

I went to the launch party of it in London. I came away still a little confused as to what it was ; my pregnant self couldn’t stick around for the demo/talk and it was really busy. So I looked online to research the UFO and the FOREO website explains WHAT it does with all the fancy pants technology but I wanted to see it in action and how the masks etc looked rather than just being met with pretty photos of Instagram beauties just with it in their hands with a smug grin (pretty much like my picture above). I wanted to see the behind-the-scenes so to speak and get down to the more nitty gritty.

Fortunately my friends over @ FOREO whisked one over to me a few weeks after the launch party. I have been using this for around 2 months now, so wanted to provide you with a full review, how-to and my honest thoughts on this device.

The Technology

The Foreo UFO uses a combination of technologies including heat, cryo-therapy (cooling), t-sonic pulsations AND LED light to give you a multi-faceted and personalised mini facial. This is combined with Korean mask formulas to improve your complexion.

  • The heat helps to infuse the active mask ingredients into the skin, making them more effective in less time. For me, this feels really relaxing.
  • The cooling or ‘cryo-therapy’ mode helps to tighten the appearance of pores and reduces puffiness. For me, this feels really soothing, especially after the heat.
  • The T-sonic pulsations gives a relaxing facial massage that also boosts absorption of the active ingredients.
  • The LED light therapy (blue, red and green) uses different wavelengths to rejuvenate and treat the skin. Depending on which mask you use dictates which LED light is used. The device changes to the colour it is using and can use a combination of all 3.

The UFO device is made from ultra hygienic silicone which is easy to wash. It is suitable for all skin types. It comes with a USB charger, it’s lightweight to travel with and 100% waterproof. It comes with a stand so you can keep it proudly on display in your bathroom.

How To Use (Step-by-Step)

My first and only gripe was the fact that you HAVE to install the FOREO app to work the device. My old-ass was tutting as I just wanted to unwrap it, peruse the quick starter guide and get the damn mask thing on my face. BUT…….the app is actually really good. It’s quick to set up, it’s super user-friendly, even for a slight tech-phobe like myself. I didn’t have to read any instructions to use as it simply just takes you through as you are using the device.

1.) Select your mask of choice. They do 7 in the range from glow to hydration to mattifying. . My go-to’s are Glow Addict and Make My Day.

2.) SCAN (!) the barcode on the back of the packette so the app knows which mask it is. The device has different settings for heat, light, cryo and t-sonic for the different masks. If you have used the mask before, no need to scan it will be pre-saved onto the app and you just click that. Remove it from the packette. It’s like a pre-soaked mini sheet mask, the size and shape of a cotton pad.

3.) Unclip the small plastic round FOREO ring at the back of the device. Slap the mask onto the round area and secure into place with the plastic ring. This holds the sheet mask onto the device throughout the treatment.

4.) Hit start and place the device, mask side up onto your skin and just follow the instructions on your phone. It tells you what movements to do, the time left etc etc. The light also changes colour depending on what the UFO device is doing : aka red for heat.

5.) After 90-seconds your treatment is done and the device will turn off. Remove the plastic ring, discard he mask and rinse the device with water and leave to dry.

Results + Thoughts

Are instant. My skin, obviously depending on which sheet mask I have used, feels immediately smoother, more supple, fresh and brighter. It really has impressed me and I don’t say this easily. I have tried A LOT of this type of devices and treatments. I love the fact that it is really quick (90 seconds) and you can select to repeat the treatment straight away if you fancy a bit more. I tend to always do it twice, especially if there is still excess product left on the sheet. Due to the mix of T-sonic pulsations, heat, cold and light therapy, it is a real multi-sensory experience.

Do I recommend it ? Absolutely YES. I have one of my best friends buying one as we speak off the back of what I have told her and my experience with it.

HOWEVER ; it’s expensive. I think justifiable for the technology is uses and the quality of the device (it *feels* expensive, looks great AND it is so, SO user-friendly and straight-forward). If you are a real skincare junkie and already have perhaps a FOREO cleansing device and other devices, and you like using them within your daily routine, then absolutely consider getting a UFO on your Christmas (yes, I said it) wish list. If you like a simple skincare routine and find yourself without time for add-ons, facials and any extras then this may be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

The FOREO UFO costs £249 and is available in three shades : fuschia, mint and pearl pink (like mine). It has a 2-year warranty and a 10 year quality guaranteeI’ve also just seen that they have since launched A FOREO UFO mini which costs £159. This could be a great option to dip your toe into this masking gadget without having to drop half a month’s rent (or 1/5 of your rent for all you London dwellers).

The masks cost £18.99 for a pack of 6 (or £9.90 for a pack of 7 Call it A Night/Make my Day masks). I don’t think you can currently buy them individually but I think that would be a really good idea OR to do packs with a selection of different masks in them.

I hope you found this insightful and it gives you all the info you may need on the UFO. I would love to know your thoughts : if you have tried it, what you think of it or if it’s something you have been interested in?!