Nude VS Red Lips Makeup Look using PIXI.

This post contains press samples from PIXI beauty.

I have lots of new PIXI makeup products to try out so I thought I would slap them all over my face, in some kind of order, to create a fresh makeup look with a switch-up of lip colours. I always find it so fascinating how much a lip colour can change an entire look and is essentially so important to your look and outfit. 

It’s safe to say I like an eye look that can accommodate different lip colours just for ease / if I change my mind so a classic golden halo eye will work with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.


I’m an kind of all or nothing kinda girl : You’ll either catch me in my boring signature brown smokey eye /nude lip combo OR it’s a bright lip. I don’t do in between lips often and I’ve always been an either-end-of-the-spectrum-lip-colour-wearer. The PIXI MatteLast Liquid Lip colours are some of my favourite  at the moment : I love everything from the cute compact packaging, the shade range and how they feel and last on the lips. (I WILL do a full swatch-a-thon of all the shades I have soon – that reminds me!) They also have shades within this range that are my PERFECT NUDE and my PERFECT RED. A feat that I don’t think any other brand have done.  

With my nude lip colours :  I am really fussy, I find it incredibly hard to find *that* right tone of nude that doesn’t make me look terrible or just looks off. I can find a red within a brand that I like pretty easily : with nude lip colours, I have about 5 shades out of my collection of approx 100 that I actually like and wear. 

The PIXI Pastel Petal has been my go-to for many months now for my nude lip. It looks very flat and boring in the tube I’ll be honest but it applies slightly more pink that it looks and has that perfect balance (for me) of pink-coral-brown. I tend to dab it on a blend it out with fingertips for a super natural-but-there lip. At the moment (and in these photos) I am more tanned so I have been adding a smudge of the PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm in shade ‘Pixi Pink’ to give it a touch more pop.

For my ultimate RED : It’s all about the ‘Berry Boost’ from the MatteLast collection. I got sent quite a few of these lip colours : I picked out some I liked the look of initially, used these and left a few sitting in the box to get dusty. On my makeup de-clutter a few weeks ago I discovered this colour : THE ONE. It looked really dark in the tube, hence why I had never opened it, as it seemed more suited for winter, but like the Pastel Petal it’s really deceiving and the colour is quite literally my perfect red.

You know when you put a colour on and even you can say ‘HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING’ : it’s one of them for me. It’s that perfect ruby-blue-red and it’s gone straight into my top 3 reds of all time alongside NARS Dragon Girl and MAC Ruby Woo.


A trend that has been around for years now, particularly on the ‘gram. A Halo eye makeup look is simply using a lighter, brighter shade in the middle of the lid, smoked out to deeper tones on the inner and outer corners. It makes the eyes look brighter and bigger and is all about getting that glowing, 3D effect. Here I used a good primer, the PIXI Reflex Light Eyeshadow Palette and then popped some of the PIXI Liquid Fairy Lights in shade ‘Rosegold’ These are glimmery, shimmery cream eyeshadows, I have the swatches here if you fancy.

Key shades I used from the Reflex Light palette to get the halo eye makeup look : Vanilla Glitz (loads and wet!), Nude Lustre, 3D Peach, Auburn Blaze & Cocoa Glaze.


Another new *thing* that I love, although it’s smashed to bits, is the PIXIGlow Cake in pink champagne. This reminds me of the Kevyn Aucoin blush-bronzers with the size/look of the palette and the tones, just half the prize soz Kevyn. They are your all-in-one face colour palettes : can be used on the eye, cheeks, all over and each one contains a blush-type shade, a bronzer and a highlighter. Super handy if you CBA faffing with numerous palettes to get a pretty skin finish. I often use the bronze shade across my eyes and use the bronze and pink blush shade mixed together that seems to look really pretty on my skin : I am using this A LOT at the moment. I am about to try and fix it with a magic trick (alcohol spray) so I am praying that it works and the palette retains it’s consistency. UPDATE : I fixed it and it worked.

As Always I used my current go-to highlight powder which is the Glow-y Gossamer Duo in shade ‘Delicate Dew’. I have talked about this loads here on the blog and it’s been used to death! Love the mix of silver-pink and gold highlight and the powder is super soft and has great pay-off.

Lip prep = Nourishing Lip Polish. Not only does this clever treatment slough away any dregs of dry skin with the exfoliating tip but it also adds a burst of hydration with oils and rich butters. This is an absolute must before any form of liquid or long-wearing lip colour to keep the colour on and looking smooth an beautiful.

Key Products Listed (All PIXI):

PIXIGlow Cake – pink champagne

Glow-y Gossamer Duo – delicate dew

Eye Reflection Shadow Palette – reflex light

Liquid Fairy Lights – rosegold

Lash Line Ink – black

Endless Silky Eye Pen – matte mulberry

Large Lash Mascara – black

Brow Tamer (clear lash gel)

Mattelast Liquid Lipstick – pastel petal (nude) / berry boost (red)

Shea Butter Lip Balm – pixi pink

What do you think of this makeup look, are you a fan of the halo eye effect? What lip would you opt for? Let me know any thoughts or any makeup questions.

*Contains press samples