My Top 5 Must-Have Products from Liz Earle Skincare.

Liz Earle superfood eye cream review

Liz Earle skincare is a brand I have had the pleasure to work with recently, and I’ve really enjoyed trying out more and more of the-once undiscovered products from the range. I’m going to give you a quick overview of my top 5 favourite Liz Earle products and why!

I remember when my friend first introduced me to Liz Earle skincare when I was in makeup school. We were studying and training in the art of makeup every day and continually slathering makeup on and off our faces multiple times a day and our skin was so irritated. She was recommended this Liz Earle (now infamous) Cleanse & Polish cleanser and it worked wonders for her, and in turn, she recommend it to me. This must have been around 15 years ago now! Since then I have dipped in and out of the Liz Earle skincare range and recently have been re-aquainted with the brand and tried much more of their skincare collection. 

I have some real stand-out favourites so I wanted to have a quick chat about my top picks for Liz Earle skincare and why I keep coming back for more! I find it a very easy brand to slip into my routine, I really think there is something for everyone and every skin type within the Liz Earle range and it just seems to do the job.

best products from Liz Earle skincare Liz Earle Cleanse and glow review

Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser.

Cleansers! Ok it’s hard as they actually do 3 fab cleansers, all with a difference but if I had to go with one, it has to be the new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser. It’s fab. Its has a thick gel/balm texture that then transforms into a silky oil once warmed and massaged into the face and then once you had water it turns from an oil to a gorgeous cooling milk that is easy to splash off. You can read my in-depth review RIGHT HERE but in summary:

  • Melts away dulling pollutants, excess oil, dirt, SPF and makeup
  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Leaves skin looking fresh and luminous
  • Deliciously scented with uplifting bergamot
  • Cruelty free and certified under the Leaping Bunny Program
  • For all skin types, including sensitive


Superfood Eye Cream.

I’m funny with eye creams. They can be very hit and miss for me, and it’s the one skincare product that I have to be mindful of due to reactions and breakouts. This Liz Earle Superfood Eye Cream has that perfect texture for me : it feels nice, nourishing and balmy but absorbs really well and doesn’t feel thick on the eye area.

It has been formulated to lift, firm and brighten the look of dark circles. The Superskin™ Eye Cream is enriched with plant extracts expertly selected for their efficacy, including firming paracress flower extract, antioxidant pomegranate fruit and green tea to brighten, plus alfalfa to ease under-eye puffiness. It also contains a signature trio of nourishing plant oils – cranberry, rosehip and British borage seed  to provide care for the delicate eye area.


Liz Earle best skincare products review Liz Earle botanical brightening drops review

Brightening Botanical Drops.

I actually really like all the drops I have tried from Liz Earle, but at the moment : it’s all about the brightening! Coming into Spring/Summer, I want my skin to be looking super healthy and glowing and these seem to do the trick. It is a concentrated serum that you can just add into your moisturiser of choice to boost it. I use it in place of a serum so it is a more targeted treatment.

Perfect for dull skin that looks lacklustre, these are fast-acting, lightweight gel drops that reduce visible signs of fatigue and even the appearance of skin tone for radiantly healthy-looking skin. Powered by expertly selected botanicals this concentrated water-based formula is enriched with hibiscus, a natural exfoliant and a source of AHA, plus nutrient rich baobab for instantly brighter-looking skin.


Superskin Moisturiser.

Liz Earle currently do two formulas of the infamous Superskin face cream. I actually really get on well with both but at the moment, my skin is absolutely LOVING the Superskin unfragranced version. I am kind of surprised by this one as it’s kind of plain and not that eye-catching for me : but it’s just a really easy face cream. Lovely, light texture, absorbs in well, no fragrance, simple, quick, works with anything else I have used it with. Sits well under makeup and just makes my skin really comfortable and fresh. Lovely for the warmer months too.

Not only does it hydrate wonderfully but it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin looking plumper and smoother. It is Packed with powerful plant ingredients to deliver up to 72 hours of hydration and is enriched with firming pomegranate flower extract and a trio of pure plant oils including cranberry, rosehip and nutritious British borage seed to lock in moisture.


Superskin Superlip Balm.

An unsung hero in my opinion! I love this lip balm and have done for years. It’s just a really nice, thick and nourishing treat that soothes the lips. Instantly replenishing, this powerful botanical blend also softens and plumps the appearance of lips.

Powered by ingredients expertly selected for their efficacy including Alaria esculenta and dragon’s blood extracts, plus pomegranate seed oil, argan oil and shea butter to comfort and protect against dryness


Liz Earle superskin superlip balm Liz Earle superskin unfragranced cream Liz Earle best products

There are so many more products that I really love from Liz Earle skincare, and to be honest, they do change from time to time (often seasonally!) but at the moment :  these seem to be the trusted faves. They are constantly doing some great deals / sets so do keep your eye out on the Liz Earle website here to see what’s on offer.

Let me know your Liz Earle favourites, I’d love to know more things I should check out from the ranges.


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