Introducing STORIES Parfums : 01 + 02 Reviewed.

stories parfums review

I have been trying out both of these really special fragrances from Stories Perfumes over the last 3 months or so, and I wanted to share with you why I’m loving them so much and perhaps introduce you to this niche fragrance house.

I find fragrance so powerful and personal, and I have a rather huge and special collection of fragrances and I love to try new ones, especially the more unusual  and the smaller fragrance houses : I like something unique and different.

About Stories Parfum

‘Our sense of smell is the most powerful one we have. Closely linked to memory and mood, what we smell has the ability to stir us, move us and immerse us in an instant.’

Established by founder Tonya Kidd-Beggs in Northern Ireland, STORIES Parfums was created to transport the mind and transform the emotions. It was after a transformative trip to the heart of perfume-making in Grasse, France, that she realised the power of fragrance to heal, release and transcend tragedy. 

Using the best raw materials and time-honoured traditional methods, Tonya created each fragrance to capture a moment and unlock a memory significant to her. Each bottle is a narrative woven together by a carefully orchestrated balance of notes; as our name suggests, it is a story in aromatic form.

Brand Ethics.

At the heart of the Stories brand is a deep respect and connectivity for the planet and they are committed to ensuring that they are as sustainable as possible. Products are manufactured with the lightest carbon footprint. All of the paper labels are raw, all of the plastic is kept to a minimum and all of the glass bottles are refillable and able to be repurposed after use.

Stories Parfums now offer 10% off your next purchase when you return your empty perfume bottle, cap and neck to them – details of this are found online. This initiative will support the commitment to recycle, reduce and reuse.

stories parfums review


STORIES Parfums’ is a modern, gender inclusive brand and was was curated to be worn by men and women who appreciate luxurious fine fragrance. They never define their fragrances by gender or name;  they will never tell ‘your story’ for you.

Currently they do an 01 and 02 and that is our introduction to this brand. Simple, easy and certainly not overwhleming. Alongside the perfumes (which come in x 3 sizes : 100ml, 50ml and a 15ml refillable), there is also hand/body washes and hand/body lotions for both of the fragrances.

I love the way the bottles look and feel : they are very simple, unisex and clean looking. They feel heavy and luxurious, and come boxed in beautiful boxes which tell the ‘story’ of what’s within. I love this : it feels personal and special and like it’s something just for you to discover.

S T O R I E S  0 1

stories parfums 02 review

‘As I sat surrounded by the tiny brown bottles of the Perfumer’s Organ in a village in the French Riviera, I was confronted by some of my most painful memories. Each scent I inhaled illuminated the shadows of a difficult past and marked the beginning of a healing journey. STORIES Nº.01 tells the uplifting story of sorrow transformed into beauty, of the dark yielding to the light.’

STORIES N°.01 tells the uplifting story of sorrow transformed into beauty, of the dark yielding to the light. It initially spritzes with fresh, zesty and uplifting citrus notes, then you get a hit of warmth and woodiness, followed by a softer and creamer finish.

Notes of : Bergamot , Grapefruit , Orange Blossom , Cedarwood , Jasmine , Heliotrope , Fig-Tea , Amber , Sandalwood , Vetiver

stories parfums 01 review

Out of the 2 fragrances, I thought the 01 would be less ‘me’ however, I think it’s my favourite. It’s so very interesting an unexpected and it develops beautifully. The bottom notes are what I am normally attracted to and you can really smell the warmth and amongst creaminess in these, particularly the fig : but it is well-balanced with the fruitier top notes not to overpower. It’s a really interesting and usual scent. Definitely what I would class as unisex and a it’s a stunning scent.

S T O R I E S  0 2

stories parfums 02 review

‘Days in my grandfather’s garden were spent among his plants. In the greenhouse, rose bushes stood among orange trees, on which blossom and fruit grew in tandem. Pots of patchouli lined the patio; the aroma from rubbing their green leaves on my wrists. The scent of the stream drew me barefoot into its water. I paddled under the watchful gaze of my father and grandfather, their faces obscured by tobacco pipe smoke. STORIES Nº.02 is an invitation to walk among the flowers, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost.’

STORIES Parfums N°.02 is an invitation to walk through the garden, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost.

NOTES OF: Bulgarian Rose, Ginger, Cardamom, Green Tea, Honey Tobacco,  Cedarwood , Opoponax , Tonka Bean , Patchouli , Amber , Musk

stories parfums 02 review

On paper the 02 would be more my kind of scent, but as the 01 proved, it is unexpected and not what it says on paper! This is quite green :  I expected more floral, but it’s more leafy, grassy, smoky and you get that hit of the tobacco at the end which is really interesting. I think this is the more ‘on paper masculine’ of the two scents.

Both of these scents are interesting and quite different to what I was expecting. I actually find it quite hard to describe them ; they aren’t immediately familiar or like anything I have in my fragrance stash. I also love the ‘story’ on the inside of the box that these come with : as honestly, I find it really nice to imagine to inspiration and it actually helps to smell the notes and ‘get it’ a bit more.

These are eau de parfums therefore have a high concentration of fragrance and they really are strong. It’s not often I use a perfume and continually smell it all day, without having to top up : but you get a really long-lasting, high-quality fragrance with these.

I would love to see a slightly sweeter third fragrance from them ; something with a heady combination of rose, oud…along those lines, but of course….different and unique in their own way. I think ‘unisex’ scents can typically be fresh, woody and somewhat citrusy, but they can also be floral and sweet and still appeal to all. Look @ Tom Ford black orchid! I’m very interested to see what other stories come from Stories perfumes and I definitely can appreciate the quality of everything about this brand so far.

stories parfums review

Currently, Stories perfumes are available online HERE and I think it’s really helpful that you can buy the small 5ml samples (they are £5)  so you can test these out before you commit to the bigger, and more expensive sizes. I think this is a must for any fragrance that you can’t smell in-store.

The prices start at £40 : shop Stories Parfums HERE.