Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette : Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Looks.

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review

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This is a stunner of an eyeshadow palette! Say hello to the Urban Decay Stones Vibes palette ; a colour-shifting shimmery palette with some gorgeous shades and amazing finishes.

These eyeshadow formulas all have this incredible mood-changing colours so they colour shift in the light and have this amazing multi-faceted finish. Some of the shades look totally different on than they appear in the pan! They also contain tourmaline to elevate your shimmery eye looks and vibrate that positive energy.

There are 12 shades (0.85g each) ranging from blues, greens, golds, pinks, lilacs and nudes. The palette is not in the Naked collection so has a unique shape, a little bulkier and sturdier, with a mirror within and a double-ended application brush. It also has *that* incredible crystallised finish on the outside of the palette to make it a little but more stand-out in your palette drawer.

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review

The 12 shadows come in 2 formulas ; you have 4 matte tones and 8 have this prismatic, multi-faceted, colour-switching formula. These are super soft to touch and to look at you can see the different crushes colours and sparkles within. As they are such soft-almost-creamy formulas, don’t be too heavy-handed with them as they can crumble a little. They apply beautifully and I love to intensify the eye look with a pop of one of these shades directly onto the lid with the fingertip.

The matte tones are your neutrals, base tones, transitional and blending shades for the most part although these also work for a day-to-day natural eye. The ‘Hexed’ is one I have used one most of my eye looks as a socket / crease colour ; it’s such a beautiful warm, rusty brown.

The best way to use and apply these are to layer and build. They work great with fingertips and pressed directly onto the lid. If you want to make the colours pop, apply them over the top of a corresponding bright eyeliner / cream base. You can also spray the brush with the Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray before dipping into the shadows to give them a more intense finish.

S W A T C H E S:

As I have mentioned, some of the colours apply a little differently to how they look in the pan, in particular ‘Bloodstone’ and ‘Meditate’ so here are the full swatches just with my fingertip. Bloodstone really reminds me of MAC Blue Brown pigment if you are familiar with that!

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette swatches review

E Y E   L O O K S:

It’s a really fun palette. I think this is one to invest in if you love the shimmer on your eyes, want to have an experiment with layering and applying and just have a bit of fun. This isn’t a serious palette ; it’s sparkly, it’s playful and it’s disco light sheen.

I think my favourite look I’ve created with this is the Blue Halo eye below but I had lots of fun with experimenting and playing with it over the last week or so. I think the only palette I have like it in my collection is the Charlotte Tilbury Icons palette in terms of shades and the finish is similar.

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette eye looks urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette eye looks

Of course you can get a really nude and easy eye look with these palette and amp it up with the shimmer, colour and go all out! This palette costs £46 but I ave a 20% off discount code with Look Fantastic so the palette comes down to £36.79. Also this discount code works off this HUGE list of beauty by the way so it may be worth having a quick look through this to see if any of your favourites are included.

My code is LAURA_LF for 20%!

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette eye looks

What is your favourite eye look out of the 5 I have created? I think the blue halo is really fun and I also am really loving the simplicity of the green eye line underneath and a wash of gold on the lid.

Dipping into this palette with your fingertip is key to getting the most from this palette and really making the multi-faceted colours POP!  I would love to see these kind of formulas coming in some kind of blusher / highlight palette I think that would be really cool. I can’t wait to see what UD will come out with next as they’ve had some impressive launches of late.

urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette review swatches

urban decay makeup

Have you tried the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette yet? Is it something that has caught your eye? I think it’ll be a really popular for creating those shimmering Christmas looks too as we all love a bit of sparkle around this time.