Monthly Beauty Favourites.

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Better late than never!?

Here is a few of my go-to and most-picked-up beauty bits from the last month or so.

It’s been quite skincare-heavy as we hit that seasonal transitional skin. Some days I want light and fresh…some mornings I wake up and I feel my skin is tight and dry and needs a heavier cream ; it’s that-in-between area of not knowing if it’s hot/cold autumn/summer. My routine seems to change day-to-day as the weather seems to also! I feel like no-one quite gets the crazy levels of how the British weather can change at this time of year. One day I’m at home with a slippers and a dressing gown on in the day, the next I’m in a t-shirt and sunglasses!


I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the SEPAI Light circles eye serum. I got sent it in a lovely PR package from my friends at Look Fantastic but it came without the box and there isn’t much about it on the bottle except  ‘Anti Dark Circle Serum’ so I started to use it in the AM (it has a really soothing and cooling rollerball applicator) and after a few days I had to google it to find out more as I was so intrigued and had never heard of the brand before. It’s a perfect morning serum for me as I don’t like anything too rich or heavy around my eyes, any time of the year!

I’ve been dipping in and out of face masks as and when I find the time to use them! As you may know if you follow my Instagram I’ve been loving Aurelia skincare at the moment and the Aurelia Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask has been incredible this last month. I don’t have any masks quite like it in my arsenal and it’s perfect for hormonal, all-over-the-place, breakout, maskne skin. It’s a thick, whipped gel formula (dreamy) and is loaded with probiotics, pink clay, oat extract, arnica, calendula,  and chamomile which makes for a soothing, calming, brightening and anti-blemish treatment. The first thing you will notice is the gorgeous, aromatic and spa-like scent and this is a cocktail of neroli, jasmine, mandarin and plumeria will will instantly invigorate the senses.

Another skincare treat and mask I have been trying out is the WAKE skincare face mask. This pink clay mask is another great treat to detox, clarify, brighten and deep-cleanse the skin. This is more of your typical ‘clay mask’ feel and formula. It contains kaolin which draws out the impurities and again, this will really help the dreaded maskne.

The Alpha H vitamin serums are great and have talked about the Vitamin B one quite a bit which I was loving at the start of the year. At the moment, I’ve been reaching for the Alpha H Vitamin E serum as this is perfect for transitional skin ; super soothing, calming and inflammatory. This is a rescue serum that is I use when my skin is feeling dry, sore and sensitised….which is quite a lot at the moment.

When my skin is feeling more normal, I have just started the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum which is one of *those* serums that I seem to see everywhere at the moment! It is an advanced vitamin c serum that combines vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, exfoliating acids and banana powder to brighten and help defend the skin against pollution. I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks but I’m absolutely loving it and it’s making my skin feel great.

I’ve chatted quite a lot about the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser which is a lovely lightweight hydrator. I use this as a dewy primer as opposed to an actual moisturiser but you can kind of use it how you like. It has a beautiful golden glow and it just makes my skin look alive when it definitely isn’t feeling so. For those days when my skin is feeling super overworked and under-loved, I’ve still been slathering on the Kate Somerville Delikate Recovery cream. I wrote more about this calming, anti-inflammatory range here but it’s just perfect for S.O.S, anti-redness and soothing.


I have only recently discovered Marc Jacobs makeup and WOW, everything I have tried has been exceptional. I can’t wait to try more and it could be my best discovery of the year! The Eye-conic Multi Finish Eyeshadow palette in ‘Fantascene’ has got me back into pink shades more than ever, it’s simply stunning and the combination of colours is just so pretty and wearable. The textures and quality of pigment is second-to-none. I was also recommend to try the At Lash’d Mascara by Lisa Potter-Dixon and it didn’t disappoint. Gives glorious lashes and a long wear and the packaging omg….I just want it in my makeup bag.

PIXI makeup always do some cute palettes and the Sugar Blossom Quartette Quad screamed my name when I opened the parcel. I LOVE a cool pink tone for blush and this has all the perfect shades of blush and shimmering highlighter for me. You can use these powders on eyes and cheeks and they are super pretty and handy just to quickly swish over your face to liven you up!

Stila has launched some great products lately and it’s a brand I’ve used for so, SO many years (you KNOW my love for *those* convertible colors!). The Beauty Boss Lipgloss in shade ‘Best Practice’ has been a go-to for me for ethereal, and high-shine pretty pink. I love the packaging too. I’ll be doing some full Stila lewks really, really soon as I’m using a lot of their makeup at the moment.

The Urban Decay Stay Naked concealer is a firm staple for me at the moment. It has a really nice light and creamy texture and it easily covers any dark circles, blemishes and anything else in between. It is a fuller coverage but doesn’t feel it if that makes sense?! I only need a few dabs to get the coverage I want and it has a 24-hr wear. I’m also a big fan of their Stay Naked foundation which I’ll be reviewing properly soon!

A. O. B

A brand new discovery for me this month has been the gorgeous well-being brand, Eve and Keel. They make sensual and aromatic organic blends to enhance your everyday : roll-on oils, bath + body, and face mists. I’ve been keeping the JOY Heart Chakra Roller at my desk (it’s with me now as I type!) and it’s a lovely elixir blend of Rose Geranium, Melissa and Bergamot to enliven your senses and open your heart to ‘joyful energy’ to uplift you and your mood.

I love my aromatherapy, I feel like I am writing that in most posts nowadays, but it’s SO important to me and I really feel that it helps to life my mood and relax me. This elixir is also blended with Rose Quartz and Aventurine (what you can see in the bottle!) that are supposed to lighten your load and opens the heart. I’ve not looked into or researched much about crystals but I do know aromatherapy is an absolute winner for me.

I’ll be sharing more from the brand really soon as I have been loving everything I have tried from them so far. 

It’s been a good beauty month I think? I always struggle to choose as to which products get to feature in my favourites posts as usually there are about 30 but it just makes for a ridiculously HUGE post! I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more Marc Jacobs makeup and may even treat ma’self to some of the new collection as the packaging is insane!

Can you spot any of your beauty loves here? Maybe things you have tried that you are getting on with as well as me? I would love to know any thoughts or feedback

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