*Gladskin Acne Gel : A bacteria-busting spot treatment.

I’m going to be doing quite a big swing into Acne over the next few months on my blog including treatments, dermatologists, skincare, makeup and how-to-cover. It’s something that effects a huge % of people, and it’s not just the teens which suffer ; acne can be on-going, or can develop at a later stage in life. My backstory : long story short: I suffered with moderate-severe acne for over 15 years of my life from the age of 12 and up. I have been on Roaccutane x3 times and have tried pretty much every acne antibiotic & skincare there is out there.

A lot of people still find my blog for my acne posts so I am going to still discuss, talk about and advise. Although I currently do not have full-blown acne, I still feel I have good knowledge and advice for those who do, based on my (somewhat harrowing!) experiences.

Gladskin Acne Gel.

First up, Gladskin is a skincare brand that doesn’t only do acne treatments, they offer products that target a whole host of skincare conditions including Acne, Eczema, Rosacea and sensitivity. Gladskin skincare focuses on the ‘bad bacteria’ that can cause inflammation leading to these skin problems whilst leaving the ‘good bacteria’ in the skin.

I want to focus on the Gladskin Acne Gel as I think it’s an interesting concept and seems to have a different approach than most treatments I have tried in the fact that is targets the bad bacteria that cause and aggravate acne BUT it salvages the good bacteria which is needed for good skin function. A lot of acne treatments & antibiotics simply demolish ALL forms of bacteria, which can get rid of blemishes and acne but also gives negative side effects.

Gladskin Acne Gel targets the bacteria known as Staphylococcus Aureus. This is a type of bacteria that can cause infections (including acne) if the immune system is weak or the skin damaged. People with good, clear skin can still have Staphylococcus Aureus, but it does not cause problems. NOTE: This bacteria is not the cause of all acne.

It is a lightweight/invisible gel and can be used AM/PM in with your existing skincare regime. Use this onto cleansed skin, directly onto the effected areas and then your moisturiser over the top – so like a serum. It can be applied up to 3 times a day.NOTE: I currently do not have acne as such. I am on a specific skincare regime at the moment which I will talk about more over the coming months, so this is more showing this as an option to you and giving you the info on this anti- acne product. I have not used it on a longterm basis!

What’s in it?

It uses an enzyme called Staphefekt which kills just the one strain of bad bacteria S.Aureus. It quite a complex technology, which I am only touching on but have a look here if you want to read further information. This is the only acne skincare product that uses this active ingredient!

Gladskin is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and contains no perfume, parabens, alcohol or acids.

So what can you expect from Gladskin Acne Gel? As with any skincare product you need to give this a good few weeks of use to see if it is effective for your skin. They recommend at least 4-6weeks for it to have an effect. It should reduce acne, pimples and breakouts, whilst also soothing the redness and calming any irritation on the skin.

The treatment can be used on going to maintain clear skin, or just when you have flair ups and break outs (which is more how I would use it). It can be used to treat acne on both the face & body. Gladskin are also very open and honest in the fact that this does not work for everyone and all acne types. Not everyone will have the specific Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria that the Gladskin acne treats.

Leading on from this and one thing which I think is really great is that they offer 4 sizes of product ranging from 15-100ml.  I would always suggest to get the smallest size (15ml – £13.50) first so it’ll give you a taster and perhaps see if this works for you, then invest into the bigger sizes after and for longer term use.

Have you heard of Gladskin before? What are your go-to blemish-busters? Please feel free to ask me any Acne / breakout questions.

*This is a sponsored post