Evolve Organic Beauty : An Introduction to the Brand.

I was sent a few items from Evolve Organic Beauty a few months ago and it’s been in the *to-try* pile for some time, as I’ve just had so many things to test / trial and use up. I was really intrigued and interested to try it as I had read up about it before and it sounds like the kind of brand that would tick me boxes.

If you aren’t a regular reader then the kind of skincare I am *most* into tends to lean towards more natural /organic BUT with science at the forefront aka I want those results! I think maybe 10 years ago, we basically had high tech VS organic and the organic skincare was the stuff in jars that looked herbal and floral, smelt nice but did nothing in terms of anti-ageing. Things have changed dramatically and fortunately nowadays *natural* or *organic* does not mean basic or limited in the anti-ageing capabilities.

I also becoming more and more interested in brand’s ethos and core values. If they are a mindful, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly AND an organic brand then often you pay a little more as they will often be privately owned/ small companies and items produced in small batches. I am fine with that though as skincare for me, is my biggest beauty investment.

Evolve Organic Skincare : An Introduction.

Evolve is a beauty brand that creates skincare, body and haircare. They are UK born and bred, they have a studio based in Hertfordshire where they products are hand made using the finest oils, superfoods & butters sourced from all around the world.

I have a few key items from the range that I wanted to share with you, I have been using the serum, face oil & face wash and I’m about to crack into the mask & cleansing melt. The hyaluronic serum 200 has been fabulous for my currently-parched skin. This bottle contains 200mg of wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid per bottle, alongside antioxidant pomegranate and lightly fragranced with organic rosewater = glorious! I have also been loving and delving into the Miracle Facial Oil which is a potent blend of organic rosehip (fab for breakouts), Argan Oil, Blackseed Oil & Rose Otto. SO much goodness in this little bottle and if you like your facial oils : take a look at this one!

The Fresh Facial Wash is a gentle, sulphate-free brightening cleanser that is perfect for the AM. It won’t remove heavy makeup but what it will do is brighten the skin with Papaya, Soften and calm with Aloe Vera and fight daily antioxidants with Goji Berry. For the PM and deeper cleansing then they do a wonderful oil-based balm which is the Gentle Cleansing Melt. This jelly-like balm can be used all over the face and eyes to remove the day, take off SPF and also used as a hydrating and softening treatment. It contains Baobab that nourishes the skin and promoted healing and regeneration, Natural Sugar Cane ensures the oil turns milky when in contact with water and Rose & Vanilla gives this balm a lovely, aromatic and relaxing scent.

Last up in my stash of Evolve Organic Beauty is the Radiant Glow Mask. This is currently their only mask so it’s a kind of decent all-rounder. It has a deep brown colour and this is because is contains Raw Cacao powder & Kaolin Clay : the cacao is really antioxidant-rich so it protects the skin but also improves hydration and regeneration. Kaolin clay draw out toxins, impurities and deep cleanses , Sweet Almond Oil nourishes and soften the skin whilst Coconut Shell Powder delicately buffs away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

This is a brand that has impressed me on initial impressions and I am really excited to explore more of the range. I think you will also like it if you like skincare brands such a NUDE, Antipodes, Aurelia, Weleda, Dr Haushka & Organic Pharmacy. You can find more about Evolve Beauty here.

Do you try and opt for more natural and/or organic skincare? What is your favourite Organic skincare product?