Verdant Alchemy Bath Salts : Relaxing, Aromatic and Good for the Soul!

Verdant alchemy ascent bath salts

*This post contains a press sample*

Verdant Alchemy is a vegan, modern bath & body range handmade in their London workshop. It’s a small, independent company that can be found online and also in Liberty London. You *know* I am kind of wild about my bath care and oils so this is a brand that I was immediately interested in. The brand is rooted in essential minerals and plant-based efficacy; creating products to help you rest, refuel and thrive in today’s modern world.

Verdant Alchemy believe that the body and mind are deeply interconnected ; To feel great on the inside, you need to feed your body with natural goodness and avoid chemicals. All their ingredients have been carefully hand sourced for their proven restorative properties.

The different bath salts use different salts, minerals and aromatherapy scents depending on what they need to do for you, the consumer.

The Verdant Alchemy mineral bath salts are certified COSMOS natural by the Soil Association. The certification means we adhere to the highest standards, from ensuring our products are chemically natural and pure to an inspection of our ingredient supply chain and what cleaning products we use in production. 

Verdant alchemy ascent bath salts Verdant alchemy ascent bath salts Verdant alchemy ascent bath salts pink Himalayan salts

The first thing I have noticed when using these bath salts is when I opened the packet (I had the smaller 100g size as opposed to the larger jar) is that the scent is SO very strong and potent in these bath salts. I have used so many different aromatherapy oils and salts over the years and these are some of the most beautifully aromatic I have ever smelt! Incredible.

I have tried two of the different scents of bath salts so far ; the ‘Breathe In’ and the ‘Ascent’. The Breathe In Bath Salts are infused with a potent blend of Eucalyptus, Lemon and Thyme and are designed to clear your mind and airways. Absolutely perfect for when you are feeling under the weather, heady, drowsy, or a little lurgy-ridden. These are Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt based which are mineral-rich and great for detoxing and healing.

The ‘Ascent’ is a combination of Rose Geranium, Lavender, Black Pepper and Cedar wood ; this is my perfect combination and honestly, when I have a little bit of dollar, I’ll be investing in the full size jar of these ; they are honestly the most beautiful bath salts I have EVER tried. These use Pink Himalayan salts which have 84 minerals which will balance the body and mind. This combination for me is really relaxing, comforting and soothing ; most of this things that I kind of want and need after a hard day of mum life / work / woes or whatever else drives me to go and have some ‘me time’ in the bath.

Verdant alchemy ascent bath salts

As you can tell, I’m a really big fan of the Verdant Alchemy bath salts. I can’t wait to try more and invest in a big tub to sit by my bath. I honestly would recommend them to anyone who is a bath oil / aromatherapy addict like myself ; if you use Aromatherapy Associates or any kind of ‘stronger’ and more concentrated essential oil products, these will really hit the spot. I think I will also try their bath oils too when I next run out ; the packaging is all really, really pretty and I love the fact it is still all hand-labelled still and a really small company.

You can check out their different bath salts and oils over at and the bath salts start from £12 for the 100g that I had. This gives you two bath uses, and a good way to try the scents out before indulging an a bigger size. Have you heard of Verdant Alchemy?