The White Company launch skincare [with DECIEM]

Weird right? Who would think that The White Company would launch a skincare line this year? I myself was pretty surprised ; they do the whole clean-looking home furnishings, house accessories and bath & body / scent thing pretty well ; so why bother with skincare? Well it turns out the founder of The White Company used to be a beauty journalist so that possibly answers that question. So let’s delve into their 5 skincare products and *that* brand they have collaborated with to produce them.

I think if you are launching a skincare line in this climate, it HAS to be pretty bang on. We have seen the industry develop crazy levels over the last few years, with so much accessibility to beauty & skincare, the consumers (that’s YOU) becoming WAY more savvy thanks to blogs and there is just a general higher level of interest in beauty, ingredients, getting results etc.

The range is small, with only 5 key products: A cleanser, an eye cream, a face moistursier, a serum & an oil. Refined, simple and ……….very The White Company.

The White Company have been particularly clever by choosing DECIEM to collaborate with for their first skincare pieces. They are one of the buzz brands in the industry @ the moment ; the company behind Niod, The Ordinary, Hyalamide, Fountain & Hand Chemistry. The dude behind DECIEM has a knack of producing the goods that people like and believe in…..for a reasonable price.

Then we get to the price. The White Company skincare has mid-range price. Above your high street, the lower end of the Space NK type brands and probably aligned to a lot of department store brands. I think they’ve maybe missed a trick by not putting in in at a slightly lower price point as it’s not a destination you go to to buy your beauty, these will be more like add-on’s and possibly gifts, and obviously the die-hard The White Company customers will probably delve in straight away. I also think the more savvy people may hit up some of the other DECIEM brands for a cheaper price. You are probably paying a little extra for it to have that ‘The White Company’ logo.

My Initial Thoughts.

I can’t rave about this brand and say how it’s changed my skin and I’m OBSESSSSED (< LOL, a beauty bloggers favourite keyword). I have only been dipping my toe into the range for a week, so I can talk about textures, ingredients and give a general ‘first impression; type thing. I believe you have to be using a skincare item for at least 4-6 weeks (the time it takes for your skin to turnover and then some) before you can really gauge what a product is like and what it does for your skin.

The Super Balm Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser (£25). The product I was most interested in/ liked the sound of. This is an oil-based CREAM cleansing balm. First up, I love the packaging ; an easy to use, plastic squeezy tube, that will ensure no cross-contamination/ grime going back into your cleanser, quick, and you can easily get all the product out. Smells very fresh, with the lemon essnetial oil being the main scent you smell – I like this as it’s also uplifting. It removes makeup easily, you can use it over the eyes and this product does what it says. Thumbs up.

The Super Serum (£40) is their most expensive product. On reading and looking @ the ingredients, these seems pretty darn good and they’ve kind of formulated a good *all-rounder* that targets a lot of concerns and would suit most people, ages and skin types. It contains grape vine stem cells, amino acids, green tea & marine extracts. It’s a typical gel-like serum texture, absorbs in brilliantly, does not smell. A good all-rounder. Come in a glass frosted bottle with a pipette-style applicator.

The Advanced Hydration skin-perfecting moisturiser (£30). Again, a good all rounder <  apologies for the over-use of that phrase but it just explains the products SO well! This moisturiser would do well on most skins, has a few nice anti-ageing, protective type ingredients (NO SPF!),  and contains hyaluronic acid to plump and nourish the skin.

I like the clean, simple packaging of this skincare ; it’s barely there, clean, no-fuss and it perfectly reflects The White Company. What do you think of The White Company launching skincare? Are you familiar already with DECIEM?