NEW Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders : Review, Swatches & Before/After

Argghhhhh, the Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders : I know you have seen this on every single blog right now. Every. Single. Instagram. They are EVERYWHERE and Rimmel have done a pretty major blogger send out (erm how did you even GET my address?!) on these to give them possibly the most exposure pre-launch. They are a lightweight powder simply to fill brows in = nothing new. What IS unique is the applicator wand thingy, which I have never seen before.

I haven’t seen that many reviews with this product actually ON brows so I wanted to review with a good before/after to show you how they perform and look and what they can do for your brows.

First up, when I first saw these, I knew they were not going to be for me. I am very specific with my brow routine and use 4 steps to get them looking as natural as possible and this involves filling shaping, drawing on hairs and lots more bullshit. I have half brows (as you can see in the *before* photo below) so it’s just what I have to do to get the brows I like.


I was pretty set on giving these a big thumbs down due to the applicator and how they can’t achieve perfect, sharp brows. < But not everyone wants or need this. These strange looking brow powders will cater to a large portion of the brow makeup market and will be ideal if you ; have already a relatively good brow shape, only tend to just fill in a few gaps, aren’t that fancy with makeup AND want something quick & easy. This is a product possibly for you.


I was actually pleasantly surprised at what these brow powders did for my brows. I was feeling VERY negative about them pre-use in all honesty ; mainly down to the funny-looking sponged-tip applicator. It’s really soft and super flexible, hence why I was worried about the control of application.

I’m not sure how, but these are actually really rather good ; and I’m the ultimate brow makeup snob. Don’t get me wrong they don’t give me my perfect, sharp brows, but they did a good job at filling and giving me shape, it was easier than expected to apply the product and I didn’t come away with a scouse brow ; another key worry.

Below in the snap there is nothing else except the Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders.

The shades : 4. A pretty good array and decent tones : The 001 is a great ashy blonde shade. 002 is an ashy medium brown, 003 a warm dark brown and 004 is a charcoal black. I mixed 002 & 003.

So all-in-all…..not too bad from Rimmel. I liked them more than expected, they worked better than I had imagined, I was just desperate to get some sharpness back on my brow with a brow ink or gel after using these. If you like your brow makeup simple, and already have a decent shape, then give these a try ; a snip at £5.99. These are actually the first brow products I have tried from Rimmel so am intrigued to see what else they offer.

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts?